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M&T Bank Rates

M&T Bank rates are well suited for the customers of savings and deposit accounts and mortgage loan borrowers. Moreover, the M&T Bank rates always keep on fluctuating according to the changing economic conditions of the country. They are subject to change with/without the knowledge of the customers before or after the clients open their accounts. However, the bank intends to offer with competitive rates and flexible terms to meet the financial needs and expectations of the customers.

M&T Bank Corporation offers online service to the customers for different kinds of products. The online services are available for mortgage, personal loan, savings, checking, and money market accounts. This online service helps the customers to check his/her account status, view rate sheets, current and today's rates for various loan, refinance and mortgage products. Mandtbank also provides financial tools/calculators to calculate the rates for a variety of home mortgage and personal loan products along with the savings and deposit accounts.

The M&T Bank business customers with business access line of credit account can enjoy the affordable prime rate offered by the bank. Find more information on M&T Bank rates by visiting the nearest financial center or logging in to their official website.

M&T Mortgage Rates

M&T mortgage loans are well known in the nation as they come with low interest rates, flexible terms and favorable mode of payments. The company provides a variety of mortgage products, which may include fixed rate mortgages, ARM and jumbo loans, etc. With these, you can either borrow money to buy a new home or refinance to meet your financial goals. The bank offers most of their products with affordable interest rates to the consumers with the idea of serving the communities.

The customers can visit the nearest banking center or log in to their authentic website to obtain more information on M&T Bank mortgage rates, and also on auto loan and refinance rates.

M&T Bank CD Rates

M&T Bank Certificates of Deposit (CDs) are usually offered with great and competitive interest rates, which are applicable to different types of savings, checking and money market accounts. The customers can apply for these attractive interest rates through online application or stop at an M&T Bank branch to complete the application process. The consumers can dial at 1-800-528-6532 (Monday through Friday from 8:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. EST) for further assistance regarding Certificates of Deposit or to apply for the jumbo CD or IRA.

The jumbo CD rates are much higher than those of regular CD (Certificates of deposit) as the deposit amount of the former is larger than that of the latter.

M&T Bank CDs (Certificates of Deposit) rate terms are usually for 3 months to 60 months i.e. up to 5 years. Any customers can go for these types of deposits with a minimum amount of $5,000 only. The M&T Bank CD current rates are given below in the table.

TERM APY (Annual Percentage Yield)
3 Month 0.25%
6 Month 0.25%
9 Month 0.25%
1Year 0.50%
18 Month 0.50%
2 Year 0.50%
30 Month 0.65%
3 Year 0.75%
4 Year 1.01%
5 Year 1.25%

Visit a nearby bank branch or log on to the bank's official website to get more information on terms and conditions for different kinds of deposits along with the IRA, savings rates and money market rates.



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