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First Citizens Bank Careers

The First Citizens Bank is a right place for those who want to build a career in banking sector. First Citizens Careers has a wide rang of diverse opportunities and benefits to their associates as well as to the job seekers. On the other side there is scholarship opportunity provided by First Citizen Bank Mansfield in collaboration with Mansfield University. This scholarship focuses on two levels, particularly one for the students and the other for the employees.

First Citizens Bank NC Careers

First Citizen Bank in North Carolina not only offers the employment opportunities but also the chances to grow the associates or employees with the company. Some of the benefits provided by the bank include life insurance plan, health and medical insurance which cover dental and vision as well, and the employee assistance program which is open to all the associates and their families in various aspects like childcare, eldercare, financial support etc. Moreover, a variety of discounts and services are also made available to the associates.

In addition, they provide special opportunity to the person with disability as per the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and if these persons want an accommodation, they can make a request through phone at 1.877.808.0298 or by sending an email at

First Citizens Bank SC Careers

It seems to be very wrongful to neglect the job openings and other opportunities provided by First Citizens Bank SC. The employment opportunities and benefits at this bank are of great challenge to the others. Like the 1st Citizens Bank in North Carolina, the career benefits and opportunities provided here are very much accountable. Basically the bank provides several opportunities which consist of health and welfare benefits, financial fitness, personal and professional skills enhancement opportunity through its well equipped corporate education department and other additional benefits.

First Citizens Bank Employment

The employments at both the First Citizen Bank are bound under certain terms and conditions. Certainly, unauthorized people or aliens (foreigners) are not entitled to work with the bank.

The appointment and termination of employees are fully governed by the anti-discrimination law and therefore no one is allowed to terminate their employment based on sex, age, race, color, national origin, religion, mental or physical disability or any other status. For further information on employment, job vacancies and current openings, please visit the career section on the respective bank website.



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