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First Citizens Bank Online

Both the First Citizens Bank NC and the First Citizens Bank SC endow with online banking service, what people call internet banking in other words. The First Citizens online service deals with certain online activities.

With no doubt, the customers of other First Citizen banks located in Dyersburg TN, Mansfield and Trinidad and Tobago can also avail this service through the corresponding bank websites. The First Citizens National Bank in Mansfield, Pennsylvania offers a unique internet banking service called "NetTeller Internet Banking" through which the customers can transfer funds and check the account balance like the way they do at any other bank.

First Citizens Bank online Banking

As the internet plays important role in our everyday life, the online banking facility provided by a bank has also become a significant part of our busy life. Through this facility, lots of job can be done conveniently and it also enables executing certain tasks, such as shaping careers and finding an employment opportunity or getting training-based educational benefit. The online baking features include schedule payment, bill payment and fund transfer besides the accessibility of e-statements and transactions history of an account.

First Citizens Bank NC Online

Over the last several decades, First Citizen NC has been providing many facilities, benefits and opportunities through its online banking service. Moreover, this service is verified by VerigSign Inc., an internet security provider company which everyone in the US can easily trust in.

A customer can avail this facility round the clock i.e. 24/7, if he or she has the capacity to access internet. This also covers a wide array of other online services such as checking of account balance, transactions history, business online banking (BOB) advantage and many more through online personal sign in or business login using a valid customer id. The bank employs customer care executives to help with online baking related issues. These executives can be reached through phone at 1.888.FC DIRECT (1.888.323.4732)

The usefulness of this service is of considerable value to the customers. For instance the query about statements, transactions history and summary of the account can be viewed with just a single click of mouse at any time. Although the funds transfer facility is available on all business or working days from Monday to Friday, the transfer should be made before 9:00 PM Eastern Time otherwise it will be accountable for the next business day only. The most interesting feature of this service is "Schedule Payment" which offers the opportunity of paying bills on a preset schedule time. Nevertheless, one can register for the available service through internet like "identity theft protection program" which is a key to prevent from online thefts, internet frauds or any other methods of identity theft.

First Citizens Bank SC Online

The First Citizens Bank SC offers free online personal and business banking service. The online bill payment and e-statement are the significant services offered at both the level. Loan and credit card payment, transfer funds from one First Citizens account to another and even accessing debit or ATM transaction, viewing cleared checks and transaction history of up to 16 months are some of the attractive features of this service. Despite these features, one can find the information on job opening through online careers section.

In addition, there is Business Online Banking (BOB) service which is primarily meant for the business account holders only. The BOB offers some additional services like wire transfer, automated clearing house (ACH), positive pay, controlled disbursement and many others.

If you wish to have the benefits of these services, you can visit the nearest local branch or speak to the representative through phone at 1-888-612-4444 from 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. on all business days i.e. from Monday to Friday.

If you want to access the online service please click on the "Sign In" button and login with the customer id provided by the bank. The customer of the bank can follow the website links of First Citizen Bank online page given below.

For any query or help, please contact customer representatives of your concern bank and also refer the frequently asked questions (FAQs) on website.



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