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First Citizens Bank

Several banks named as First Citizens Bank or First Citizens National Bank are serving in United States of America and in other countries such as Trinidad and Tobago since a very long time. Therefore a customer has to be careful while searching information about the banks on the web or internet. Following are some of the cases mentioned above.
  • First Citizens Bank, North Carolina (NC)
  • First Citizens Bank of South Carolina (SC)
  • First Citizens Bank, Elizabethtown, Kentucky (KY)
  • First Citizens National Bank, Pennsylvania (PA)
  • First Citizens National Bank, Tennessee (TN)

First Citizens Bank NC

First Citizens Bank of North Carolina is one of the subsidiaries owned by First Citizens BancShares, Inc. In early 2007 First Citizens BancShares Inc. owned 15.7 billion dollars of assets with 4,431 employees and thus became the 48th largest bank holding company in United States. The location of its headquarters is in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.

First Citizens Bank of North Carolina was established in 1898 with its birth name "Bank of Smithfield" and also it became the first bank of Johnston County, North Carolina. 1st Citizens Bank has a long history of more than 100 years and its root is grounded on the agricultural economy of Johnston County, North Carolina.

It has a long history of operating businesses and other financial transactions. From the very beginning, the bank have been dedicating to various kind of financial services ranging from personal to business banking and from trust services to insurance services. Today, First Citizens Bank and Trust Company has owned a total asset of $13.3 billion. Besides, the bank is being proud of its well established value oriented services which have been delivered to their customers since its establishment.

First Citizen NC is expanding its networks in financial and geographical markets. Currently more than 5,000 employees are working with the bank and moreover First Citizen Bank has owned two subsidiaries. The first one is "First Citizens Investor Service, Inc." and the other one is "Neuse Financial Services, Inc.". The former is a member of NASD/SIPC and a registered broker which deals with securities and investment advisory services whereas the Neuse Financial Services, Inc. is a title insurance agency.

First Citizens Bank SC

In 1913, the First Citizens Bank of South Carolina was established with its base in Columbia, South Carolina (SC). It is a subsidiary of a bank holding company called First Citizens Bancorporation Inc. which holds more than $8 billion in assets. The bank's historical timeline indicates that it went through different phases before it finally became First Citizens Bank of South Carolina.

First Citizen SC also offers services like online banking, credit cards, checking, mortgage, wealth management trust and others, both at the personal and business level.

First Citizens Bank Elizabethtown KY

First Citizens Bank in Elizabethtown, Kentucky (KY) is a commercial bank set up in 1964. This bank provides modern financial services with a unique tradition and full commitment to quality and innovation. Currently the bank extends its services to locations like Elizabethtown, Radcliff, Shepherdsville, and Mt. Washington. The company holds average assets of $311 million.

First Citizens National Bank PA

The First Citizen National Bank of Pennsylvania was founded in 1872 by two businessmen Andrew Ross and Philip Williams. They started this business with the first bank in Mansfield namely the Ross and Williams Bank. Later on, various acquisitions and mergers led to a considerable height with the total assets reaching over $675 million. Now the bank is serving in 17 regions across the country with the significant branches in Tioga, Bradford and Potter counties in Pennsylvania and recently they have entered New York State with the working office in Wellsville.

First Citizens Bank Locations

First Citizens Bank of North Carolina has several branches and ATM networks in various locations across the country. More than 380 individual branches in California, District of Columbia, Florida, Maryland, North Carolina (NC), Tennessee, Virginia (VA), Washington and West Virginia have been providing the banking services since it came into existence.

First Citizens Bank Careers

First Citizens Bank of North Carolina provides a wide array of career and job opportunity. They provide competitive comprehensive packages under comprehensive benefits plan to all its employees across all branches and locations.

According to First Citizens Bank's policy they hire well qualified individuals for various tasks to perform like providing high quality products and services at reasonable costs. Inspite of the benefits and opportunities provided, First Citizens Bank is also one of the right places which one can find conducive to build their own career in banking sector irrespective of the position they might hold.

First Citizens Bank Credit Cards

Credit Cards are one of the products and services conferred by First Citizens Bank to its customers and bankers. Usually, its products and services are grouped into Personal and Business categories. The Personal kind of services provided by 1st Citizens Bank targets mainly on individuals and family while on the other hand the Business services work mainly at organizational level.

Besides these services the bank also provides Checking, Savings, Mortgages and Loans, Investment and Wealth Management, Insurance, Online Banking with Bill Pay, Merchant and Treasury Services, Corporate and Non-Profit Services, Business Online Banking Services at both personal and business levels.

First Citizens Bank Rates

First Citizens Bank provides various promotional rates on a variety of savings options, credit lines and home loans and now customers can avail these opportunities and advantages either through their respective local branches or by phone at 1.800.441.1705.

First Citizen Bank has certain types of current interest rates such as Certificates of Deposit rates or CD rates, Money Marketing Savings Rates, Credit Card Rates and EquityLine Rates.

First Citizens Bank Online Banking

The First Citizens online banking service enables the accessibility of customer account information, bank statement, etc. and the customers are required to login with their own customer id provided by the bank. However the business organization or group can avail this service through BOB Advantage or business online banking service.

First Citizens Bank Sign In

New or existing customers using First Citizens Bank online banking services for the first time can sign in and start getting their job done with just a few clicks. However the customers or individuals are required to furnish the information demanded by the bank.

Rather than signing up online, one can reach the nearest branch in their respective locations as well as through the toll free phone number provided by the bank i.e. 1.888.FC DIRECT.

First Citizens Bank Hours of Operation

Any kind of business activities with First Citizens Bank (NC) can be carried out within certain hours. Thus First Citizens Bank (NC) provides 42 and half hours of services to the customer at maximum in 5 working days i.e. from Monday to Friday. However, there are several First Citizens banks across the country, which provide some limited hours of operation on Saturday also. The First Citizens Bank in Mooresville - Main and Fayetteville - Bordeaux are one such.

First Citizens Bank Customer Service

The 24/7 automated customer services are available for the customers to allow them to check information on account balances, fund transfers, check status and orders, or payment of loan. For the convenience of the banking assistance the customer service representatives are also available from 7: 00 AM to 11:00 PM, Eastern Time for 7 days a week. Besides these services one can also reach through toll free Customer Service number at 1.888.FC DIRECT (1.888.323.4732) or 919.716.4588.

First Citizens Bank, NC Head Office Address:
4300 Six Forks Rd
Raleigh, NC 27609-5718
Phone: (919) 716-7000
Fax: 919-716-7074

For further details and extra information please refer First Citizens Bank website.



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