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Fifth Third Bank Mortgage Rates

Fifth Third Bank is offering some of the lowest mortgage rates in the country for the customers. The bank has several types of mortgage loans that will suit to the needs of customers. When most of the banks and lending institutes offer some specific loans e.g. Interest Only Loan, even if they offer other loans like Jumbo Loans, the interest rates are very high. In case, if the consumers of the bank are not sure about the loan rates they can contact the Mortgage Loan Specialist who is ready to help them. To contact a loan expert you can dial a toll free number at 1-866-351-5353. The bank mortgage rates may vary from one region to another region and from product to product. But you can check the mortgage rates by entering the ZIP Code of a particular bank branch of the area or by visiting the nearest 5/3 Banking Center. You can also view the rates of a day by visiting the home page of the bank's official website and clicking over the link "Get Today's Mortgage Rates Now".

Knowing the mortgage rates of the 53 Bank will help you to choose for the right mortgage products in order to assists you in building your business, buying a new home and purchasing your dream car. The bank offers special discount for those using BillPayer for loan payments through any Fifth Third Bank checking or saving accounts.

Fifth Third Bank Current Mortgage Rates

Fifth Third Bank mortgage rates are subject to change and you cannot fix the rates for granted. The customer can browse the bank's current mortgage rates or use the mortgage calculator to find out the rates for different mortgage products. For getting updated mortgage rates and reviewing the terms and conditions of the company you can visit the Fifth Third Mortgage Center or a nearby banking center. The current mortgage rates of the 53 Bank are given below in the chart:

Loan ProgramInterest RatesAPR
Fixed 30 Year Conforming4.24%4.4%
Fixed 30YR-Conforming 10YR Interest Only5.5%5.614%
Fixed 20YR-Conforming4.25%4.292%
Fixed 15YR-Conforming3.75%3.863%
Fixed 10YR-Conforming3.75%3.863%
ARM - 10/1 10YR Interest Only Conforming3.875%4%
ARM - 3/1-Conforming A31T3.24%3.28%
ARM - 3/1 10 YR Interest Only Conforming3.24%3.3%
ARM - 5/1-Conforming A51T3.24%3.27%
ARM - 5/1 10 YR Interest Only Conforming3.24%3.29%
ARM - 7/1-Conforming A71T3.375%3.496%
ARM - 7/1 10 YR Interest Only Conforming3.5%3.601%

You can also apply for online application for buying or refinancing a home by visiting the "Apply Now" link on the main page of the bank's website. Moreover you can call a Mortgage Professional at 1-866-351-5353 to apply through phone.

Fifth Third Bank Wholesale Mortgage Rates

Fifth Third Bank wholesale mortgage rates can be viewed after clicking over the link "Wholesale Connect". This link provides the latest wholesale rates of the bank which is a part of the Task Center under Customer Services. The rates are based on the location of the borrower's property address and not on the office address of an individual broker or wholesale correspondent. The 5/3 wholesale mortgage rate sheets are available for most of the US states, such as, Florida, Georgia, Los Angeles, North Carolina, New York, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, etc.

To get Fifth Third mortgage refinance rates the customer can use refinance calculation tool. This tool provides the latest and current refinance rates of the bank. The customer can also dial 1-866-351-5353 for different mortgage products and enquiries. For further information on Fifth Third Bank mortgage rates, refinance, wholesale you can visit the bank's official website provided below.



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