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Fifth Third Bank Direct

Fifth Third Direct service is a limited service which has been developed for the convenience of the authorized users of the bank. It is a sophisticated Internet portal that gives the customer fast, direct, and single point access to all their business products and services. For your better understanding you can download a copy of Fifth Third Direct instructions about the business products and services. Some of the benefits of this single portal service are listed below:
  • Information reporting - gain direct access to important account information, export data to other accounting programs.
  • ACH transfers - allow consolidate funds by transferring between 5/3 and non-Fifth Third accounts, originate ACH transactions for direct deposit such as, payables, payroll, state and federal tax payments, etc.
  • Wire Transfers - initiate domestic and international wire transfers, review and approve pending transactions.
  • Merchant Services - comprehensive, instant access to transaction, deposit and chargeback data.
It makes the work simple and shortens it by allowing for direct deposit instead of filling up the deposit form or using the traditional method. However, the unauthorized access or use of Fifth Third Direct may result in an act of criminal or civil prosecution to the fullest extent as per by the law. For further information you can visit the bank's official website or the nearby located banking center.

Fifth Third Direct Login

The bank provides the login user ID and password to allow the access of the service only to the authorized users. However, the bank reserves the right and its option to suspend the password without prior notice on Merchant ID. It can also inactivate the service by not allowing you to successfully login if you do not access it within the limited interval or the thirty-day period provided by the bank.

Given below are the steps for the authorized users to log on the Fifth Third Direct service.
  • Set up the internet connection.
  • Open a browser.
  • Go to the initial page of Fifth Third Direct, or type in the address box if it does not load automatically and press "Enter".
  • The logon page will appear. Type your user ID and password in the appropriate boxes and click the "Logon" button or press "Enter".
To get the detailed information on Fifth Third Direct service including terms and conditions you can visit the website at

Fifth Third HR Direct Online is a part of Fifth Third Careers. The newly-recruited employees are taught an eLearning method in the orientation program. This will result in creating a unique 53 password and learning how to access HR Direct Online. The service can be accessed from work or home for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Fifth Third Direct Express

The Fifth Third Direct Express allows the authorized users to view the transaction information through the Account Review function for the specific card holder such as, credit, debit, gift cards, etc. The customer can get started by following the simple steps.

Logon to Fifth Third Direct Express=> click the "Merchant" tab=> a labeled "Transaction Research" submenu will appear=> select account review menu option=> type the appropriate info on the given boxes=> your Account Review report will be displayed.

For more information you can visit a nearest banking center or the bank's official website.

Fifth Third Direct Customer Service

For more information on Fifth Third Direct and Express service, customers can contact their relationship manager or FTPS Client Services at 1-800-278-6888. The customers can also contact at 1-800-589-5355 (option 1) or send an e-mail message to for demonstration on direct service or to enquire about any questions.

The Customers can contact a Fifth Third Bank Client Service Professional at 866-475-0729 in case they have lost Go ID device. Immediately the customer service professional will work and help to replace the device and ensure that you get uninterrupted access to the Fifth Third Direct service. Moreover, the customer's PC should support the minimum requirements of hardware and software for using the Fifth Third Direct products.

For more information on Fifth Third Direct software, hardware and Go ID device to be supported on your PC you can visit a nearby banking center or the bank's official website.



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