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Fifth Third Bank Student Loans

The hi-fi modern educational system has made thousands and thousands of students unable to attend regular classes. Many students drop out without taking academic degree or before completing the course of study. A large number of students have to opt for jobs to support his/her studies. There may be number of reasons behind this phenomenon, but the most important being the economic/financial condition of the family. Knowing the importance of education and higher studies in order to produce a large number of literate persons in the nation can bring changes within the individual and add more glory to the country. This is what most of us believe and what 53 Bank is doing for.

Fifth Third Education Loans

So you can now peacefully go for your education with the best financial support coming from 5 3 bank. Fifth Third Education Loans are helping thousands of students to cover school costs, in the form of federal loans, parent PLUS loans, private loans, grants and scholarships. The different kinds of student loans and aids with various features are being described below.

  • Federal Stafford Loans - a government back loan, generally available at low interest with a wide array of repayment options.
  • Parent PLUS Loans - it is also a low-interest student loan for the parents of undergraduates, i.e. dependent students.
  • Graduate PLUS Loans - Federal Graduate PLUS Loans are a loan pay for graduate school students.
  • Private Student Loans - private student loans are provided to help borrowers cover the costs of college education.
  • Grants & Scholarships - these kinds of help come from an organization and are the best options as they are a free financial aid given to students on the basis of merits and excellent educational backgrounds. Usually repayment is not needed for such kind of financial aid.
Most of these loans can be accessed 42X7 online, and they have no penalty for prepayment and offer flexible repayment options, etc. To get more details on those student loans mentioned above you can explore your institution's financial aid options as these remain under Department of Education. Applications for student loans should begin with (FAFSA) Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Students can also contact to the following number to get more information on Fifth Third education lending. You can dial Fifth Third Education Hotline 1-800-222-7192 to apply for college loans. To know about existing student loans you can call up 1-800-236-4300 for Great Lakes Higher Education and 1-888-272-5543 for Sallie Mae.

Fifth Third Student Loan Consolidation

Fifth Third Bank offers credit card facility for the regular clients as well as for college students. The bank also provides free student checking account specially designed for the high school and college students with 16 years and above. So you can apply for both the facilities through online application. Moreover, with the help of Fifth Third bank student loan consolidation programs you can also lower your monthly payments. For further information on eligibility and the procedure of applying for student loans, free checking account, loan consolidation and other related work you can visit the bank's official website provided below.



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