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Compass Bank Mortgage Rates

Compass Bank Mortgage Rates vary with the type of loan terms and the states in which the borrowers are applying. Mortgage rates offered by the bank are also considered as low when compared to several other financial services firms. Compass Bank provides a wide range of mortgage programs that include first time home buyer mortgage, fixed and adjustable rate mortgages, jumbo mortgages, refinance, construction and renovation financing, professional home financing program, international mortgage programs, FHA & VA home loans and home care mortgage. Eligible homebuyers can choose any one of the above loan terms to meet their housing needs.

BBVA Compass Bank Mortgage Rates

Interest rate is one of the most important things to consider while looking for a mortgage term to finance a home. If you are thinking to avail a mortgage loan from BBVA Compass Bank then it is advisable for you to have some understanding about the current mortgage rates offered by the bank. Rates are likely to change from time to time without any prior notice depending on the market condition. Given below are charts showing prevailing mortgage rates on fixed rate and jumbo loan terms.

Conforming Fixed Rates and Payments
  Rate Discount
APR1 Monthly Principal
and Interest Payment2
15 year 3.750% 0.000% 1.000% 3.950% $1,454.44
30 year 4.250% 0.000% 1.000% 4.365% $983.88

The APR and the payment amounts listed above are typical to a $200,000 loan with 20% down payment.

Jumbo Fixed Rates and Payments
  Rate* Discount
APR1 Monthly Principal
and Interest Payment2
15 year 4.625% 0.000% 1.000% 4.800% $3,471.29
30 year 5.125% 0.000% 1.000% 5.228% $2,450.19

Payments and APR given above are for a $450,000 loan having 20% down payment.

Fixed & Adjustable Rate Mortgage

As a borrower, it is essential for you to understand the difference between an adjustable rate mortgage and fixed rate mortgages. In case of fixed rate mortgage, you lock your loan term at a specific rate that remains throughout the loan term. As a result, your monthly interest and principal payment remain unchanged as long as you have the mortgage. On the other hand, the interest payment and the monthly principal in an adjustable rate loan changes after a fixed period of time depending on the market condition.

Compass Bank fixed as well as adjustable rate mortgages are available for financing single family homes, primary residence, condominiums and secondary residences. If you are a first time buyer then consult with the mortgage specialist of the bank to make sure that your get the best available deal. You can apply online or find more details by calling at Call 1-888-8-LENDING (888-853-6346).



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