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Compass Bank CD Rates

BBVA Compass Bank CD Rates are very attractive and a wide variety of CD terms are offered by the bank. CDs or Certificates of Deposit are one of the most secure ways to make some savings of your funds. Compass Bank is one of the leading banks in the United States and saving your money with one of the banking products of the bank is obviously a good option. It is very simple as you deposit your money and you earn attractive interest on it. CD is a guaranteed product and Compass Bank offers several benefits such as:
  • Flexible terms ranging from 7 days to 15 years
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Flexible interest payments through check to other account monthly, quarterly, semi annually or annually.

Compass Bank CD Rates

Compass Bank CDs are FDIC insured and the bank offers some of the best available rates on various terms. A wide range of Certificates of Deposit terms are offered to eligible customers and the rates may differ depending on different geographical locations. So it is important for the customers to check the available terms and current CD rates in their area. The following chart highlights the prevailing rates on several CD terms and the minimum amount to open a term in Birmingham, Alabama.

Term Interest
APY* Minimum
to Open
1 Month 0.150% 0.15% $500
3 Months 0.150% 0.15% $500
6 Months 0.399% 0.40% $500
9 Months 0.598% 0.60% $500
12 Months 0.946% 0.95% $500
18 Months 0.846% 0.85% $500
24 Months** 1.193% 1.20% $500
30 Months 0.846% 0.85% $500
36 Months 1.193% 1.20% $500
48 Months 1.587% 1.60% $500

It is important for the customers to understand that they are required to maintain a minimum balance of $5,000 in order to earn APYs (Annual Percentage Yield). The bank also charges a substantial interest penalty if the customers make early withdrawal. The interest rates and APR shown above are subject to change without any prior notice.

Compass Bank does not offer CD terms to financial institutions. Moreover, available funds from existing Compass Bank money market account may not be used for opening a new CD term. It is advisable for the customers to visit the nearest branch to check out other limitations or to apply for a CD term. One could also open a CD term by phone at 1-800-COMPASS.



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