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Compass Bank Foundation

BBVA Compass Bank Foundation works to improve the living standard of the communities in which we live in. The Foundation has been into operation from quite a long time and it has helped a large number of nonprofit organizations. It offers charitable grants to those qualified nonprofit organizations that work to bring a change in our communities. The Foundation understands that each community has different needs and opportunities. Charitable grants are made available to several organizations that meet the eligibility criteria set by the foundation.

In order to get approval for grant funding, the organizations are required to meet several preconditions.
  • It must have nonprofit tax-exempt classification under section 501(c)(3) of Internal Revenue Code.
  • The organization must be located or should provide service in the BBVA Compass' markets.
  • The firm should show fiscal & administrative stability.
  • It should address specific needs of the community.
  • The organization should align with one or more of the focus areas of the Foundation that include Community Development, Education, Health and Human Services, Arts and Culture, Diversity and Inclusion, Environment and Natural Resources.

The Foundation provides priority consideration to those requests that reflects the focus areas described below.

Community Development

Priorities are given to those organizations that create or sustain affordable housing, revitalize low to moderate income neighborhoods and facilitate job creation. Those nonprofit organizations that deliver financial education and literacy to children and adults in LMI communities are given preference by the foundation.


BBVA Compass Bank Foundation gives priorities to support research and several programs at many higher education institutions. It facilitates merit-based entrance to higher education for the underrepresented groups. The foundation also delivers to the pressing needs in pre-K - 12 education through facilitated curriculum based programs and public school sponsors.

Arts and Culture

The Foundation provides access for participation in several cultural experiences for those individuals under low to moderate income levels. It also ensures the availability of a wide variety of artistic opportunities and venues that reflects the diversity of the communities.

Environment and Natural Resources

In this category priorities are given to enable access to green technology as well as to sustainable sources of energy to LMI communities. They also work to promote public education on the environment and sustainability.

Compass Bank Foundation also has certain limitations and it will not contribute to support several types of requests. Alumni organizations, veteran & fraternal organizations and organizations based outside the United States are not supported by the Foundation. The foundation does not support political action committees, candidates, sponsorships, projects and events for which the bank receives benefits or privileges. To know more about the grant application process, visit the website of the bank.



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