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Comerica Bank Loans

A loan is a kind of debt which is carried out between a lender and a borrower. The borrower borrows the money for a specific duration from the lender. Bonds are made between the two, and the borrower pays back the loan in the form of monthly installments consisting of a principal amount, a fixed or variable interest rate and several other charges. Broadly speaking a loan can be of three types- Secured, Unsecured, and Demand Loans.

Comerica Bank provides lots of loans such as Personal, Students, Auto, Home Equity, Mortgage Loans, etc. The company has put in place a wide range of loans for the customers so that they can pick and select the one they need the most. Moreover, Comerica provides this opportunity to the customers all round the year. The bank welcomes and invites any tenders who are in need of financial assistance. This help and assistance is provided through its ‘Personal finance' division which is a major organ of Comerica Bank. From the time of its establishment in 1849, till today the bank has given lots of advantages to its customers. It is also one of the oldest banks in the United States, though the bank changes its name with the passage of time.

Comerica Personal Loans

The world is full of what we want, but it is not possible to get everything what we have ever wanted. And there are certain times and condition when borrowing is necessary for our living. Here you have Comerica Personal Loans to use when you are in need of any financial help. The bank offers a variety of Personal Loans at attractive rates and terms for you. With this help you can unload your financial troubles and worries from your head.

Comerica Auto Loans

The bank also provides you auto loans facility. These loans will help you to buy your dream vehicles or a new car that have just caught your attention or that you have been yearning for so long to buy. The loans also include loans to purchase boats, which you can sail on the surface of water and discover new lifestyle. Perhaps you can also use auto loans as a means to pay debts. Moreover, the loan rates vary from products to products.

Comerica Bank does not accept applications for or provide student loans. For this purpose students are requested to contact their respective schools or institutions. For your further information you can visit the bank website provided at the bottom of this page.

Comerica Home Loans

To have a sound home is one of the basic requirements in this civilized world. Countless number of people and families are living in this world without a proper house and home. And it is said that home is the smallest unit of society. To ensure and fulfill the needs of the citizen, here's Comerica Bank, which invests money for the customer to utilize the facility and live happily with their family. Comerica Home Loans can be of two types;
  • Home Equity Loans,
  • Home Equity FlexLine.
Comerica Home Equity Loans are an advantage and the smartest solution for the customer to remodel their home, begin new business, consolidate debts, etc. This is generally a fee-free scheme. The payment is made on the basis of fixed interest rate with a handy coupon book kept for entering monthly payment in order to make the entire process easy and convenient. One the other hand, Comerica Home Equity Flexline helps you to meet your lifelong financial dream and it is generally lower in interest comparing to personal loans or regular credit cards. To contact and enquire about these facilities you can dial 800-292-1300 for Eastern Region. Those who belong to Central/Mountain/Pacific Region can dial 800-589-1400.

Comerica provides mortgage loans with an aspiration for the customers to set up their business or to build their dream home. It offers competitive interest rates, quick approvals, and flexible terms. The company has experienced mortgage specialists to find the kind of mortgage that suits the best to meet your financial needs. Different types of mortgage loans offered at Comerica are; Mortgage Lending, Construction Loan, etc. For further information you can also visit the official website, which is given below.



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