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Comerica Bank Routing Number

Routing Number or ABA (American Bankers Association) number is a unique 9-digit bank code, consisting of eight digits derived from the transit number of the bank and one check digit. The routing number helps us to route or trace the financial transactions of a bank. Comerica Bank has Routing Number and swift Code like several other banks of United States and those of developed countries. This number is printed at the bottom of the check and also in the deposit slips, etc. The question, "what is Comerica Bank Routing Number", can be answered in simple and easy way as, the 9 digit bank ID number used for transferring money electronically. Those who have check account can figure it out at the bottom of the check after the account number. To clarify your doubt, some of the Comerica Bank routing numbers are listed below in the table. You can also sign up for direct express Debit MasterCard which is issued by Comerica Bank, with an approved permission and license by MasterCard International Incorporated.

Routing Transit Number (RTN) is the synonym term for routing number or ABA number. It was designed in the year 1910 by the American Bankers Association and it was derived from the transit number of the banks.

This number is encoded in the MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition), an electro magnetic ink to identify the code or number. Routing number appears in two forms, the fraction and MICR. The former is an old method whereas the MICR is the latest method currently in use. Comerica Bank routing number is considered as a part of Federal Reserve Banks. Some of the important routing numbers of Comerica Bank branches in California, Michigan, Texas and Detroit are given in the table below.

State/ City Comerica Bank Routing Number
Michigan 067012099
California 121137522
Texas 111000753
Detroit 072000096

Apart from the Routing Numbers mentioned above, you could find routing numbers for Comerica Bank branches in Ohio, Florida and Arizona. You can also visit the bank website provided at the end of page.

Comerica Bank Swift Code

Swift Code is like an email address of a bank with 8-11 characters, consisting of both letters and digits. It is operated by a bank which has a swift system. Swift Code is useful to send and receive money for those who reside overseas through foreign wires via swift. The Swift Code of Comerica Bank is MNBDUS33. To know more information about Comerica Bank related to Routing Number, Swift Code and other details you can visit the official bank website given below.



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