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Bank Negara Malaysia Exchange Rate

Bank Negara Malaysia provides latest exchange rates information between various foreign currencies and Malaysian Ringgit based on the data provided by the Interbank Foreign Exchange Market, Kuala Lumpur. However, they provide the rates of only few currencies at four different sessions. This information includes the buying, selling and middle rate of different currencies listed on their chart.

Bank Negara Malaysia Exchange Rate Converter

Bank Negara Malaysia exchange rate converter is a currency conversion tool available on their website. In fact, it is also a kind of calculator which can calculate and convert the Malaysian Ringgit into the equivalent rates of any other foreign currencies listed with this tool and vice versa. The listed foreign currency includes major currencies such as US Dollars, UK Pound Sterling, Japanese Yen, Chinese Reminbi or Yuan, Swiss Franc, Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars and others etc. In addition, one can also check the rates which were available at certain point of time say for instance within a range of 3 days prior to the current date. Therefore, it can be said that with this tool one can know the exchange rate system which prevails from time to time. To know the current exchange rate, one can follow the link given below.

Bank Negara Malaysia Exchange Rate Historical Lookup

Bank Negara Malaysia exchange rate historical lookup is a chart of rates for various foreign currencies which are equivalent to the corresponding value of Malaysian Ringgit. The rate history of more than 10 years is available on this historical look up section of the BNM exchange rate. BNM provides information of these rates at four different sessions of hours i.e. 0900, 1130, 1200 and 1700. Therefore, one can also see the rates separately that prevails in each session as well as in other dates and time but the rates available at 1130 hours are the best rates. Moreover, at this section, you can also customize your search by rate type such as middle rate, buying or selling. In order to see the rate history, one can refer the following link.

For further detailed information about the bank Negara Malaysia exchange rate policy and control, you can refer the website of the bank.



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