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Bank Negara Malaysia Currency

Bank Negara Malaysia use Malaysian Ringgit (RM) as their official currency for all business and transactions. They provides certain guidelines on Malaysian currency which includes buying and selling of commemorative banknotes and coins, circular banknotes and coins, counterfeit notes identification, instructions to the commercial banks regarding withdrawal, deposits and process of 3rd and 4th series RM50 notes, reproduction of Malaysian currency including both the banknotes and coins.

As per the Central Bank of Malaysia Act 1958, no one is allowed to reproduce the notes and coins which are resembled with the original for any purpose with the permission of the bank. However, with a written request and subject to the approval of the bank, any person can use the Malaysia currencies for advertising or others. The application for the reproduction for banknotes and coins can be downloaded from the website of the bank.

Bank Negara Malaysia Currency Converter

Bank Negara Malaysia currency converter is a kind of calculator which help in conversion of one currency to another currency to an equivalent rate. For example, if you want to change or convert RM 1 into USD, you can use the currency converter which is available on the following link.

The converter also allows changing the currency from Malaysian Ringgit to US Dollars and vice versa. One can also check the rates for the earlier time by using this converter.

Bank Negara Malaysia Currency Exchange Rate

The currency exchange rates provided by the bank Negara Malaysia are the latest rates from the Interbank Foreign Exchange Market based in Kuala Lumpur. These rates are varied from one currency to another and it depends on the market condition. One can also see the historical exchange rate chart which is available on the website of the bank. But, this exchange rate information is available for only few major currencies.

The exchange rate chart shows the buying and selling value of the currency on a particular date and time. The updated and latest exchange rates of various currencies are available on the following link.

The exchange system is administered by certain exchange control rules and regulations whether the exchange entity is currency, gold, debts, securities or payments etc.

For further detailed information about the BNM currency, you can log on to the website of the bank.



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