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Huntington National Bank Routing Number

The transit routing number or ABA number is a 9 digit number for every bank in the United States. Basically this number is found on various bank related documentations especially checks. The particular bank prints such nine digit transit routing number or ABA on checks for identification of the bank on which the check has been drawn. At present this number is printed with the magnetic ink which can be read only MICR (a machine to decode the encrypted data with the magnetic ink). Earlier it was printed in fraction form which could be processed manually and it still serves as the back up for MICR one. Therefore such routing numbers make easier and convenient in bundling and sending the electronic copies of checks, even this is also beneficial for the electronic funds transfer or wire transfer.

Likewise the Huntington national bank also has assigned different and unique nine digit routing number for each and every branch of the bank. In other words "Huntington Bank Routing Number" or Huntington Routing Number is different from one branch to another and it is a kind of identification number of the bank in which the customers maintain their accounts. For example the routing numbers for Huntington banks in Ohio or somewhere else like Michigan, Toledo, KY, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Indiana are different and unique.

Moreover the Huntington customers are required to have this ABA number for making lease payment rather than lease account number, checking account number and check number. Also if you want to make an online payment, you need to set up an online account along with valid a customer id, password and the routing number of the concerned branch.

Huntington Bank Routing Number Ohio

The Huntington National Bank is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio and frequently people are curious about the Huntington routing number Ohio. Somehow, the information given below may help you in finding the routing number, and also the swift code.

Huntington National Bank
7 Easton Oval
Columbus, OH 43219-6010
Phone: 614-331-8590
Routing Number: 074000078
Swift Code: HUNTUS33XXX

The Huntington bankers of other locations can also find the routing number on bottom line of the check of their respective branches and if it makes any kind of difficulty, kindly contact the 24/7 customer service at 1-800-480-BANK (2265).

For further information regarding the routing number of Huntington Bank, you can visit the website as well as refer to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) available on the website of this bank.



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