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Huntington National Bank Ohio

Huntington National bank in Ohio is one the leading financial institutes serving the state since 1866. Huntington Bank offers complete banking services to the entire residents of the Ohio State. The customers of Huntington Bank Ohio can also access various Online Banking and Bill Payment services. In addition they can also avail the benefits advantages of large ATM network in all locations.

The services provided by Huntington Bank Ohio include personal and business banking, online banking for both personal and business accounts, mortgages, loans, credit, leasing and other retirement plan services. The Huntington bank in Cleveland, Ohio offers these kinds of services to the entire community of Northern Ohio. Additionally, the customers in Cleveland can access online banking free of cost at their most comfortable level. Even there is facility of opening a personal bank account through online from any place where this service is accessible. However the Huntington customers in Cincinnati can enjoy more attractive features of the online banking like easy reporting, future funds transfer or schedule funds transfer, login security message and many more.

No matter where you live, the Huntington Bank offers wide range of personal services like savings account, checking account, credit card, loans, investment and many more. Besides, business banking also provides various services for small business which can push up and improve the communities in the region.

Huntington Bank Ohio Routing Number

The transit routing number or ABA is the 9 digit number assigned by the bank for an individual bank branch. You can find this routing number on the bottom line of the check. On your check leaf, the first 9 digits followed by your account number is the routing number of the bank in which you have the account. For doubts you can call the 24/7 customer service at 1-800-480-BANK (2265) to know the routing number of a bank branch.

The routing number of one of the Huntington National Bank branches in Columbus, Ohio is given below whereas the other customers of other locations are advised to refer the check. They can also contact the respective local branch or customer service mentioned above.

Huntington National Bank
7 Easton Oval
Columbus, OH 43219-6010
Phone: 614-331-8590
Routing Number: 074000078

Huntington Bank Ohio Locations

More than 345 banking offices are currently serving in the Ohio State. The Huntington Bank Ohio is divided into three different sub zones with their respective headquarters viz Central Ohio, Northwest Ohio and Southern Ohio. The bank has more than 76 branches and 200 ATM locations in the Northern Ohio alone. The following are the addresses, phone numbers and contact details of the bank headquarters located in the said regions.

Central Ohio Contact:

Headquarter: Columbus
Contact Person: Steven Fields
Address: Huntington,
41 S. High Street,
Columbus, OH 43287
Phone: 1-614-480-3278
Fax: 1-614-480-4973

Northwest Ohio Contact:

Headquarter: Toledo
Contact Person: Shannon Loar-Tenney
Address: The Huntington National Bank
519 Madison Ave.
Toledo OH 43604
Phone: 1-419-249-3350
Fax: 1-419-249-7849

Southern Ohio Contact:

Headquarter: Cincinnati
Contact Person: Kendra Overbeck
Address: The Huntington National Bank
Fourth & Walnut Center
105 East Fourth Street, 200A
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Phone: 1-513-762-1825
Fax: 1-513-762-1873

The following URLs are the website links of the three zones of Huntington Bank Ohio mentioned above. However the detailed information can be found on the bank's official website.

Central Ohio region - Columbus

Northwest Ohio region - Toledo

Southern Ohio region - Cincinnati



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