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HDFC Bank Home Loan

HDFC Bank Home Loan is one of the best available loan options that one can obtain to finance a home of his choice. With more than 200 home loan branches and 90 outreach programs, the bank is able to offer home loans in 2400 different locations of India. HDFC Bank has already helped more than 33 lakh customers and its home loan counselors have been into this business for over 30 years. The following are some of the benefits that come with HDFC Bank home loans.
  • Wide range of loan options to choose from
  • Various affordable repayment options
  • Huge network of financing
  • Door step facilities
  • Home loan counseling
  • Wide product range
  • Post disbursement services, etc

HDFC Bank Home Loans

The bank offers home loan for every type of individual having unique financial condition. HDFC Bank provides a range of home loans that include home improvement loans, home equity loans, home extension loans, short term bridging loans, loans to professionals and loan against rent receivables. You can obtain a home improvement loan to use the loan amount in a number of purposes like external repairs, tiling and flooring, waterproofing and roofing, internal and external painting etc. On the other hand, a home loan extension loan is what you need to add some space or extend your home. The loan amount can be used to add an additional room, enclose an open balcony or build a larger bathroom.

HDFC Bank Home Loan Rates

HDFC Bank offers competitive home loan interest rates and the loan programs are available in fixed as well as adjustable rate options. The interest rate and repayment amount remain fixed during the entire loan term in fixed rate home loan. However, under adjustable rate loan, the interest rate will be revised after every three months since the first disbursement. The EMI will remain the same but, the interest component of the EMI may decrease or increase depending on the market conditions. One can call the Home Line Numbers of HDFC Bank in different cities to know the latest home loan interest rates. These Home Line numbers can be easily found from the bank website.

HDFC Bank Home Loan Calculator

Two different types of home loan calculator, EMI and Eligibility calculators are made available by the bank. You can use home loan EMI calculator to calculate the monthly EMI of a particular home loan program. Several inputs such as the loan amount, repayment period and interest rate of the loan should be offered in order to make the EMI calculation. On the other hand, an eligibility calculator can help you find whether you will be eligible for a home loan program or not.

Home loan eligibility condition will vary depending on the type of loan, loan amount and the credit and income conditions of the borrowers. In all the loan options, borrowers are required to earn a regular income from a stable job. HDFC Bank home loan application form is available online on its website and you can download it without any hassles. Home loan branches of the bank are located in almost all the metropolitan cities of India such as Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi etc. HDFC Bank also offers its online services with its home loan products. After obtaining a home loan account, you can register with the bank website and get user ID and password to make home loan login.

With online services of the bank, borrowers can check online home loan statement and make fast login to pay monthly payments. HDFC Bank also offers home loan for NRI and borrowers can get more comprehensive loan details through HDFC Bank home loan customer care service team. Get the customer care contact numbers from the official bank website to make complaints or to get details on home loan application procedure. For further details on HDFC Bank Home loan insurance and loan schemes, logon to the bank's website.
HDFC Bank offers a variety of home loan programs at best possible interest rates. Check the features of different loan terms.



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