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Harris Bank Routing Number

Harris Bank routing numbers are the nine digits number which appears at the bottom of your personal check. It identifies the financial institution in which the customers maintain their account and in other words it is also known as the ABA number. These numbers may be different from one branch to another branch. However Harris Bank has common routing number for some locations such as Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin.

Harris Bank assigns 071025661 as the routing number of the several branches in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin. But the customers who have opened their account at the First National Bank and Trust, Indiana prior to the merger with the Harris Bank should use 074913233. On the other hand the ABA routing number for the cash management accounts opened in Illinois and Indiana is 071000288.

These routing numbers is generally used in setting up the automatic payment for your loan, auto loan, mortgage, insurance, credit cards and other utility bills such as water, gas, electric, garbage, TV, telephone and many others. While setting up for this automatic payment options, you will be required to mention the corresponding routing number and other details in the payment authorization form. In case, you want to change or modify the automatic payment, you can fax a signed cancellation request at 1-847-434-2569.

Besides, these ABA numbers are also used in several outbound and inbound international ACH transactions. Therefore, one can use the following routing numbers of Harris Bank located in various locations of US.

Illinois: 071025661
071000288 (cash management accounts)
Indiana: 071025661
071000288 (cash management accounts)
074913233 (for the First National Bank and Trust accounts)
Wisconsin: 071025661
Florida: 067014330
Arizona: 122105249

The business clients can contact the Business Banking Team at 1-888-489-2265 and select option 0 for further information about the ABA routing number.

Harris Bank Routing Number Illinois

Like the other branches, the customers of the Harris banks in Illinois can also refer the personal checks of the respective branch for the routing number as it is located at the bottom of your personal checks. The routing numbers for the accounts opened in various parts of Illinois such as Chicago, Naperville and others can use the numbers mentioned above or refer the bank kits and documents such as checks, statements and others which contain your account information.

For further detailed information about the Harris Bank routing numbers and SWIFT code, you can visit the website of the bank as well as refer the relevant documentations or contact the concern branch.



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