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Harris Bank Mortgage

Harris Bank Mortgages are available for buying new home and refinance as well. It offers various options of conventional mortgages such as fixed, ARM (adjustable rate mortgage) and bi-weekly mortgages. They also provide various financial solutions and benefits for the first time home buyers through the affordable rate mortgage programs which include FHA Mortgage Loans and Housing Grants Programs.

The fixed rate mortgages are stable and maintain the constant monthly payment and interest rates. On the other hand, the adjustable rate mortgages are available in various options and it is beneficial for those who want to stay a minimum of 3 to 7 years in their new home. In addition, the bi-weekly mortgages provide much more advantage to those who get weekly paycheck. In this case, the borrowers have to make payment on the weekly basis which results in faster payoff and enough savings in interest.

Moreover, they provide the Home Affordable Modification Program to the struggling homeowners in order to avoid the loss of owned home due to foreclosure. This program allows the borrowers to modify the existing loans at the lower and affordable one. To know more about this modification, you can contact Mortgage Customer Support Team at 1-877-277-8578 from 7 am to 7 pm (CST) on all business days excluding Saturday and Sunday.

The interested borrowers can apply online or by phone at 1-888-HUBERT-1 or (1-888-482-3781) and you can also consult the Harris Bank mortgage specialist at your nearest locations.

Harris Bank Mortgage Rates

The Harris Bank mortgage rates may vary base on the loan or mortgage types, transaction and the region where you applied the mortgage.

The 30 year fixed rate mortgage for refinancing offers an interest rate of 5.000% and APR of 5.005% and on the other hand the 5 year ARM offers an interest at the rate of 3.875% and APR of 3.356%. The current rates in Illinois or other locations can be obtained from their website or follow the link given below.

Harris Bank Mortgage Calculator

For the convenience of the borrowers and customers, Harris Bank provides several types of online mortgage calculators which can calculate and evaluate the costs and benefits of the mortgage whether you are refinancing or purchasing new home. Moreover, you can also calculate the monthly mortgage payment, savings and many more.

If you have any queries and questions regarding the Harris Bank mortgage products and services, you can contact the customer service dept at the following details.

Customer Service Department:
Phone Number: 1-800-207-3058

For further information about the Harris Bank mortgages and mortgagee clause, you can also refer the website of the bank.



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