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Chase Bank Routing Number

Chase Bank routing number or ABA transit number is a nine digit code used by the bank and its branch locations in several states of the US. Routing numbers usually appears on the left bottom of some negotiable instruments like checks that identifies the financial institution from where it was drawn. This nine digit bank code is used by Federal Reserve Banks to perform Fedwire funds transfers and also by the Automated Clearing House to perform direct deposits and funds and other automated transfers. Chase routing numbers are derived from the bank's transit number which was first designed by the American Bankers Association in 1910.

Chase Online Routing Number

Chase Bank online routing numbers are provided by the bank for its branch locations to process a number of online services for the customers. It is also essential for the customers to use this routing number when they make online transactions and money transfer between Chase accounts and branch locations. As the bank has its branches in several US States, they provide different routing numbers which the customers are required to get aware of. With the help of a series of registrars, the American Bankers Association had assigned a large number of routing numbers and they are also responsible for assigning new ABA numbers. At present, about 28,000 active transit numbers are currently put into use.

JP Morgan Chase Routing Numbers

If you have a saving or a checking account with Chase Bank then you are required to know the routing number of some branch locations of the bank. This will allow you enjoy a number of online services when you are out of station. JP Morgan Chase routing number can also be obtained from a voided check. However, the routing numbers printed in a deposit slip may be different from the number present in the check. It is completely very easy to find the routing number of Chase number locations nearest to your place. The following are the routing numbers of Chase Bank is some of the most important states of the Unites States.


Chase Bank Routing Number

Washington 325070760
Indiana 074000010
Florida 263189865
Oregon 325070760
Colorado 102001017
Arizona 122100024
Connecticut 021100361
Kentucky 083000137
Louisiana 065400137
Michigan 072000326 (Detroit)
Michigan 07241292 (Dearborn)
New Jersey 021202337
New York 021000021 (Downstate)
New York 022300173 (Upstate)
Oklahoma 103000648
Utah 124001545
W.V 051900366
Wisconsin 075000019
Illinois 071000013
California 322271627
Texas 111000614
Ohio 044000037
Chase Bank has its branch locations in most of the states and cities of the United States. They offer different routing number to make online transactions and transfers.



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