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Chase Bank CD Rates

Chase Bank CD rates keep on changing with a number of terms and types of checking accounts. CD stands for certificate of deposit and it may be defined as a time deposit or a financial product usually offered to consumers by banks and credit unions. Chase Bank CDs are quite similar with savings accounts as they are insured and risk free. However, it has a specific term (either three months, six months, one to five years) and a fixed or a variable interest rate. JP Morgan Chase CD rates will probably be high for a larger principal amount of a longer term except in the case of inverted yield curve.

Chase Bank CD Rates 2009

Chase Bank offers several CD rate options in the beginning of the current year. One of the best terms was that of the investment with a minimum amount of $1000 and bank CD's with investment of $10,000 or more. Short term CD rates are found to be less desirable when consumers look at Chase Bank's 6 month 0.25% APY. However, longer term promises better rates as the 9 month term begins at 1.5% leading up to 60-Month with 2.50 APY. All the certificates of deposit from Chase Bank are insured by FDIC and applicants are required to have a qualified checking account with the bank in order to open a Chase CD.

Chase CD Rates Today

At present, Chase Bank is offering a unique 5.45% APY certificate of deposit of 7 months in certain regions of the country. If you are living in California and thinking to get a CD term then it is essential for you to check Chase Bank CD rates in California. Moreover, the bank offers different rates in Texas, Arizona, Florida and many other states of the US. Analysis of the CD rate table of the bank shows 5.45% APY for several zip codes in New York and Florida. On the other hand, for zip codes in Texas, California, Illinois, Ohio and Pennsylvania, a rate of 5.35% APY is displayed.

Current Best Chase CD Rates

$1,000 Min. $10,000 Min.
6 Month 0.25% 9 Month 1.25%
12 Month 0.25% 13 Month 1.50%
18 Month 1.01% 18 Month 1.75%
24 Month 1.01% 24 Month 2.25%
36 Month 1.01% 48 Month 2.75%

Chase Bank provides two kinds of CD rates namely; the normal Chase certificate of deposit and the Chase CD specials which are a group of CDs. Normal CD with Chase are available in several terms up to 36 months in length. These CDs usually requires a minimum deposit of $1,000. In case of Chase special CDs, a minimum investment of $10,000 is required on the part of the applicants. These terms offer interesting rates depending on the length of the month. To have a closer look at these special CD terms you can visit the official website of the bank listed below.
Chase Bank allows its customers to open a variety of saving and checking account at affordable CD rates. For further details on Chase Bank accounts and CD rates, visitors can log in to the website of the bank.



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