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Fannie Mae Foundation

Fannie Mae Foundation endeavors to provide affordable housing opportunities to low and moderate income communities in the United States. The primary objective of the Foundation is to create healthy and vibrant communities throughout the country. With a number of partnerships and initiatives, Fannie Mae Foundation works to improve the living standards of the people residing mainly in Washington DC and the surrounding regions. The Foundation was also one of the initial supporters of NeighborWorks® America programs and their initiatives. In partnership with NeighborWorks, it has supported the National Home Ownership Initiative which was a pilot project started in 20 cities in order to increase the opportunities of homeownership for low income citizens.

Fannie Mae Foundation Grants and Student Loans

Fannie Mae Foundation also provides grants and student loans to eligible students who are unable to finance their higher studies. Student Loans, grants and scholarships offered by the foundation can be used to cover any type of expenses related with education. Normally, you do not have to repay the grant; however, they are quite hard to qualify. On the other hand, student loans bring lowest possible rates and affordable repayment structures allowing the students to enjoy the benefits. Grants are also offered by the foundation to homeowners who are looking to make some renovation and improvement with their homes. It is recommended that you go through the eligibility conditions set by the foundation before making your application.

Since its establishment in 1979, Fannie Mae Foundation has supported several causes such as the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, construction of houses in depressed neighborhoods and a food bank for homeless citizens. The Foundation has also spread the brand name of Fannie Mae by spending millions of dollars on various advertisements to inform home buyers. It has also supported several causes associated with many Fannie Mae executives. The foundation is made up of professionals who have year long experience in the housing and mortgage industry.

Fannie Mae also has introduced some journal of housing research and they are found to be very useful for the homebuyers. Recently, three journals called "How to Buy Your Own Home", "How to Buy a Home in the United States", and "Tool for Teachers" were released by them. Fannie Mae Foundation is based in Washington DC and Fannie Mae has been its sole supporter. The Foundation also has its regional offices in Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, Pasadena and Philadelphia. To find more details on Fannie Mae Housing Policy Debate, log on to the website of the bank.



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