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UBS Internship

The UBS internships are basically designed for those under graduate students. For such students it is one of the beginning steps to begin careers at UBS. It is the foundation which provides opportunities to explore UBS as well as you will be able to experience the real side of finance and business industry.

Despite such internships, they also provide various training programs which help in improving your knowledge, skill, experience and confidence.

UBS Internship Program

The UBS internship programs are available as summer internship and graduate training program (GTP). The former is a ten week assignment program designed for undergraduate students in which the candidate will be assigned to certain specific area based on the educational and other work experiences. Even you can broaden your business contacts through these programs.

The latter is the foundation stone for a successful career in banking and finance. It will provide various knowledge, experiences, skills and confidence which are required as a part of the profession.

The company hires students from various schools, colleges and universities for such internships through campus recruitment program. However they assess every candidate through online assessment test comprising of numerical and logical test followed by interview.

UBS Internship Review

The available UBS internship programme can be applied through the online application process. This process includes two steps which should be followed by every applicant. The first part is about the preparation of your CV or resumes, questions which may ask you by the recruiters as well as how to answer them and many others. The second step is submitting your application, but you need login ID and password in order to apply. You can also create this login account through their website.

On the other hand one has to be very careful about the deadline of the program as well as a bit idea of where to contact is also necessary. If you are really interest on these programs, the details of Summer Internships which is coming up in 2001 are given below.

Contact and Deadline:

Summer Internships for all positions:
Dates: 1st February, 2011

You can contact the UBS Campus Recruitment or Campus career Service of the respective colleges or universities for more details about the programme. However the information on Graduate Training Program can be obtained from the following website.

For further information on UBS internship salary, pay, GPA, sales and trading jobs and others, you can visit the online forum or the website given below.



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