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Commonwealth Bank Travel Card

Commonwealth Bank Travel Money Card provides a simple, safe and convenient way of accessing money when traveling overseas. It is recognized internationally and can be used everywhere around the world wherever MasterCard is accepted. One can access or load upto six different currencies at any one time in one single card. Holders of this Travel Money Card can use the card same as like credit card and can make purchases as well. One can withdraw funds from any Commonwealth Bank ATM in Australia without any charge or transaction fee as such. The card can be loaded either by cash, direct debit from Commonwealth Bank transaction, savings or investment account or by cash advance from any accepted credit card. It can reload at any branch office or via BPAY using NetBank or telephone banking service.

Commonwealth Bank Travel Card Review

Travel Money Card provided by the Commonwealth Bank can be purchased at any bank's branch office or via NetBank provided one is registered. Any individual can purchase and there are no any eligibility criteria or requirement as such to be fulfilled, and purchasers don't even have to be a customer of the bank either. Satisfying the customer identification check for opening a bank account is all what one need to serve the purpose.

Commonwealth Bank Travel Money Card is made available with affordable fees and charges. One only needs to pay just a small price and can enjoy hassle-free and peace of mind whenever traveling international locations. The card issue fee charge by the bank is AUD15 only. There is no fee for the initial loading and purchase transaction. However, the bank charges 1% of the reload amount each time cardholders reload additional money.

Commonwealth Bank Travel Card Login

Registered individuals at Commonwealth Bank NetBank can easily purchase and conveniently manage Travel Money Card online. Should any reloading needs arise, they can simply use the BPAY either by log in to the NetBank or by using telephone banking service. To reload the card through BPAY, cardholders have to use the BPAY biller code 113167 and the 16 digit number that is available on the front of the card. Cardholders can change the order of the 6 different currencies by logging in to the Travel Money website. They can also transfer the value between the different currencies available on the card by calling the Travel Money customer service centre at (+61) 1300 660 700.

For detailed information about Commonwealth Bank Travel Money Card and to know all other related info such as current exchange rate and more, please log on to the official website of the bank.



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