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American Express Insurance

American Express offers comprehensive insurance services to all its potential cardmembers besides offering extensive card benefits. It offers a wide range of insurance plans and policies from the most primary cardmembers’ account protection and identity theft to the most complicated one such as, life insurance with excellent cover and value. Amex’s range of insurance policies coverage include purchase protection, health and medical evacuation, disability, accidental death, home and homeowners with any property casualty, and a great deals on travel with excellent cover on car rentals, trip cancellation, flight delay, and lost baggage etc. to name just a few. Through the International Health Insurance plan, cardmembers are protected when living or working overseas. All eligible credit cards of Amex whether for personal, business or corporate, holders are covered with wide range of insurance plans. With the Platinum Edge Credit Card, holders can get complimentary domestic and international travel insurance cover when they make payment for travel using the card. Amex also provides iPhone insurance with theft and accidental damage protection.

American Express Travel Insurance

Wherever one travel or move around the world, the comprehensive travel insurance policy of American Express protects and keeps you safe 24/7 and throughout the year. With Global travel insurance coverage, cardmembers are well protected and are safe always in the hands of Amex’s plans with comprehensive international coverage. Cardmembers are assured with travel insurance plans such as emergency medical, trip cancellation, travel delay, luggage lost, flight and travel accident etc. Amex also provides comprehensive Global Travel Shield insurance products for those travelers whose trip cost upto $50,000.00. The Global Travel Shield packages include Airflight insurance, Global Baggage Protection Plan, Global Trip Delay Plan, Trip Cancellation Plan, and Global Medical Plan. Frequent travelers or those cardmembers whose work involves a lot traveling can avail Automatic Flight Insurance Plan and Global Assist Travel Medical Insurance.

American Express Travel Insurance Plan offers annual as well as single trip option for the travelers to choose. Frequent travelers can benefit from the convenience of the annual policy as it ensures all year round protection for the entire cardmember’s spouse and dependents. To make claim for Amex’s travel insurance, cardmembers should give a quick notice of the claim by completing a claim form and post it to the address that is shown on the claim form. The claim form should be filled with full and complete details and should provide all relevant information that the company ask for such as, police reports, valuations, medical reports, original receipts or proof of ownership etc.

American Express Auto Insurance

Amex also offers comprehensive card rental loss and damage insurance plans which provide coverage against theft and physical damage of the rental vehicles including car and truck. The company also provides auto liability insurance which covers fire, theft, and collision, etc. Auto rental insurance coverage differs by card which holders are using in renting the vehicle which include Gold, Platinum, Blue and Blue Cash etc. Holders may review the description of coverage either in the Cardmembers Agreement or in the updates that has been communicated to all its members regarding the details of car rental insurance coverage and benefits. Those cardmembers from the US may also call 1-800-338-1670, while customers from outside of the US may call 1-440-914-2950. Amex provides a wide range of car primary car rental options with wide coverage and values. For any additional auto coverage, members may enroll in Premium Car Rental Protection which is available at low flat rate. They can save huge sum of money and protect with a total coverage of upto $100,000 for damage or theft of the rental car. Cardmembers will only pay the same flat price whether they rent just for a day or even for a month long.

Cardmembers can get the best and right auto insurance quote either from the financial advisors of the company or with just a click through online. The Car Rental Loss and Damage Insurance are underwritten by the Amex Assurance Co. Administrative Office, Phoenix, AZ. All coverage are determined and bound by the terms, conditions, and exclusions of Policy AX0925 or Policy CRLDI-IND, and they are subject to change anytime with notice to its cardmembers. The Long Term Disability Benefit Plan provided by American Express provides continuing income if cardmember is disabled for more than six months. Beneficiary can choose coverage equal to 40% or 65 % of their base salary. For more details regarding American Express Insurance such as Purchase protection, Travel and Vacation, free travel, cruise, and car rental, and related information pertaining to Amex’s insurance plans like Uhaul, and services in Europe, Australia and Singapore etc. please log on to the official website of the company.



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