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Webster Bank Mortgage

Webster Bank mortgages are offered for construction, buying new home or to refinance on the existing one etc. They are available in various types such as fixed rate, adjustable rate, construction, jumbo, reverse and government assisted mortgage.

The fixed rate mortgages are available with different term options ranging from 10 to 30 years. It offers with fixed monthly payoff option as well as fixed interest rate. In addition, the interest can be locked for the entire term of your loans even when the rate is fluctuated.

The adjustable rate mortgage offers variable interest rate as well as the variable monthly payments depending on the conditions of the market. However, the interest rates for the initial period of this mortgage are available at the lower rate as compare with the fixed rate mortgage.

The construction mortgages are offered for new constructions, or refinancing on the existing home etc. They will finance the full cost of the construction as well. It also offers fixed interest rate as well as the interest only program.

The jumbo mortgage offers competitive rates which may be fixed or adjustable rate. It also provides the borrowing opportunity for an amount of upto $417,000 or higher.

Webster reverse mortgages are beneficial for the senior citizens who are above 62 years of age and owned a home. It provides the financial security of your life time earnings. These are available in variety of tax free payment options such as monthly installment, lump sump or line of credit.

The government assisted mortgages are provided in association with the Federal Housing Authority (FHA), Connecticut Housing Finance Authority (CHFA), and Veterans Administration (VA). These are available with attractive rates and low down payment option.

If you are interested in Webster mortgages, you submit the application online or you can contact the mortgage customer service dept. at the following details.

Customer Service Department
Phone Number: 1-888-493-2783

Webster Bank Mortgage Rates

The Webster Bank mortgage rates are varied from one type of mortgage to another and these may be fluctuated depending on the market situation. At Webster, mortgages are available with fixed and variable rate options. For instance, the ARM offers low initial rate as well as the variable rate during the tenure of the loans.

On the other hand, these rates may be varied from one region to another. For example the current rates in CT (Connecticut) may be varied from the rates prevailing in MA (Massachusetts). The detailed information can be obtained from the website of the bank.

For further information about the Webster Bank mortgage calculator, clause and wholesale, you can refer the website of the bank.



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