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TCF Bank Routing Number

TCF Bank routing number can be used for domestic wire transfer at any bank anywhere within the country and available to use instantly. The TCF ABA (American Bankers Association) or routing and transit number (RTN) is easily recognizable and it is available in the customers’ savings and checking accounts. This unique 9-digit numerical figure is also known bank code. Since 1910, all the financial institutions in the United States of America has adopted using of routing transit numbers to identify banks under American Bankers Association. So, like most of the financial institutions in the US, Twin City Federal Bank also have its own ABA number to trace and route the financial company at the time of making an electronic transaction.

TCF Bank routing number varies from one state to another state. But it is use for wire transfer for all the cities within the particular state. For example, the routing number of Michigan is the same for its city Ann Arbor, likewise in the case of Illinois and Chicago and others. Moreover, customers can easily find out the TCF Bank routing and transit number, which precede the customers’ account and check numbers on the left corner.

The importance of TCF Bank routing number is that it can be used in the time of reordering checks, preparing wire transfers or automatic payments. The clients can also go for direct deposit services with the help of routing number, which is a free and easy service. Customers who are interested in this service can contact a toll free customer service phone number at 1-800-TCF-BANK or (800) 823-2265. The Following is a list of TCF Bank Code with their respective state.

StateRouting Number
Minnesota (MN):291070001
Illinois (IL):271972572
Michigan (MI):272471548
Wisconsin (WI):275071385
Colorado (CO):107006444
Arizona (AZ):122106183
South Dakota:291070001

TCF Bank Wire Transfer

TCF Bank wire transfer is an electronic transferring of money to or from the customers’ accounts at any bank anyplace in the nation. This financial institution provides a facility for both domestic and international wire transfers. However, the clients have to issue routing number of a particular state for domestic wire transfer and swift code for international purposes.

TCF Bank wire transfer fee is $15 for incoming services. The outgoing wire transfer fees can be checked from the sending financial institutions. Clients can also enquire and get instructions about wire transfer from the customer service center.

For further information about TCF Bank routing number, swift code, locations and online banking, clients can stop at the nearest local branch office or log in to their authentic website.



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