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TCF Bank Customer Service

TCF Bank Customer Service department comprises of an excellent and dedicated team to help and fulfill and satisfy the needs of the citizens in various aspects of the banking activities carried out by the company. The priority of TCF is pleasing the citizens and builds a good relationship between the customers and company, which will result for the successful running of the firm. Customers who are not satisfy about the products and services offered by the company can contact to complaints the representative from customer service center in a nearby local branch office or calling at the toll free telephone number at 1-800-TCF-BANK (823-2265).

The clients can reach the TCF Bank customer service center through phone, in person, email and mail. They also offer an online customer service for a variety of products offered by them. TCF Bank online banking is one of the most convenient services design purposely to meet the needs of the customers. This service offers for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and throughout the year from anyplace at anywhere, wherever there is an internet accessibility.

TCF Bank Customer Service Phone Number

TCF Bank customer service phone number is the easiest ways for the clients to contact the customer service department for any kinds of problems faced by the customers. The client service team from the company is ready to help the citizens whenever he/she has problem regarding the products and services from the company. The following is a list in a table is the TCF Bank customer service phone number for different products in various parts of the country.

State/Region Product Phone Number
Minnesota Deposits Account 612-823-2265
Illinois (IL) Deposits Account 847-678-6900
Twin Cities (MN) Consumer Loans (612) TCF-LEND/ (612) 823-5363
Greater Minnesota Consumer Loans (800) TCF-LEND
Twin Cities, MN Home Purchase Loans (612) TCF-LOAN
Greater Minnesota Home Purchase Loans (866) TCF-LOAN
Illinois & Arizona Consumer Loans (800) TCF-LEND/(800) 823-5363
Indiana & Colorado Consumer Loans (800) TCF-LEND/(800) 823-5363
Michigan & Wisconsin Consumer Loans (800) TCF-LEND/(800) 823-5363
South Dakota Consumer Loans (800) TCF-LEND/(800) 823-5363
All regions Equipment Finance 800-844-9467
All the states Leasing, Inc. 800-442-7811
Twin Cities, MN Insurance Services 612-661-8400
Greater Minnesota Insurance Services 800-445-8192
Arizona & Illinois Insurance Services 800-445-8192
Michigan & Colorado   
Indiana & Wisconsin   
South Dakota   
Twin Cities, MN Investments 612-334-7900
Greater Minnesota Investments 866-202-2736
Arizona & Illinois Investments 866-202-2736
Michigan & Colorado   
Indiana & Wisconsin   
South Dakota   

The customers can call a toll free number at (800) TCF-BANK or (800) 823-2265 and the TTY (for hearing impaired) can dial at (612) 339-3075 for deposit accounts.

The “FAQs” link available on the home page of their official website also contains some of the answers to the frequently asked questions regarding the TCF Bank products and services.

For further information about TCF Bank customer service, clients can contact the nearest local branch office or log in to their authentic website.



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