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RHB Bank Personal Loan

With RHB Bank Personal Loan products and services, individuals can realize their dream that they have dreamt of. They can tailor all their financial needs and requirements that comes their way and can pursue whatever they wanted to do. RHB offers comprehensive financing solutions with its wide array of loan products and services including home loan, business loan, student loan, car loan, renovation loan, refinancing etc. Loan products offered at RHB Bank are made available with one of the most attractive and competitive interest rates in the town, and provide customers a host of conveniences. Whether individuals seeks financing solutions to buy a dream home or need some cash for further studies or to meet any investment needs, or whatever the needs, RHB have the answers with its loan package designed specifically to meet them. With RHB personal financing, customers can save more on their monthly repayments in the long run.

RHB Bank personal financing loans are made available with the amount ranging from RM2,000 to RM150,000 with flexible repayment period from 1 to 5 years. Individuals can apply this loan product and can enjoy an ideal lifestyle that they wanted to be. The interest rate charged by this personal loan of RHB is calculated on a monthly reducing balance rate. For your knowledge, base lending rate (BLR) for loan products at RHB Bank is 6.30% with effect from 13th July 2010. However, this rate is applicable only to account holders of RHB Bank branches in Malaysia.

RHB Bank Personal Loan Application

Application for RHB personal loan products and services has never been that easy. Interested individuals can apply either online or can download the application form from the official website of the bank and submit it to any RHB Bank branch office. Whether individuals apply through online or in branches, the application process for RHB loan is hassle-free. The highly experienced loan department and dedicated customer service personnel of RHB can help throughout the process of application and till the finish of the loan term. For application through online, individuals can simply log on to the bank's official website, fill the online form in which applicants just need to tick the loan products and service and give their name, contact number, email address, and select the state and preferred branch. On receiving this, customer service personnel will contact you as soon as possible for further proceedings.

Applicants can enquire and check about their loan application status by dialing the RHB Bank customer service number at 03-9206 8118 or 03-9206 8228. RHB provides a wealth of conveniences to all its potential customers. Beneficiaries of RHB Bank loan products and services will enjoy fast and hassle-free approval, flexible repayment tenure, variety of payment channels and more. For detailed information about RHB Bank loan products and services, please log on to the official website of the bank.



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