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RHB Bank Login

RHB online login page allows internet banking user access a host of banking conveniences for all kind of banking transactions or information. Having a valid login ID and a password is all that matters to enjoy this wealth of banking conveniences provided by the bank. With this convenient one-stop internet banking service, all personal and business banking related transactions and information are at ones fingertips and are just a click away. Customers can check account balance, make bill payment, transfer funds, reload prepaid balance, redeem rewards, view transaction history, receive account summary, check foreign exchange rate etc. With more services added to the list, customers can also enjoy multiple payment at one-go, automatic account updates via SMS or Email, and send money via Paypal and many more. For all these, customers can do it without even having to leave the comfort of their room or office.

RHB Bank Login Page

RHB Bank Internet Banking login page is:

Customers can anytime and from anywhere whenever they feel like or banking needs arise visit this login site and sign in to perform any banking transaction or access any account information. RHB online banking service is user friendly, simple and easy to use, and most of all give the best convenient banking option. It is secured as well since the bank provides all possible measures ensuring all transactions and information of every potential customer is protected from any untoward fraudulent activities.

RHB Bank Online Registration

Getting started and registration to RHB internet banking has never been that easy and it can be done away with just a few clicks of a mouse. Customer need only to have an active account with the bank - ATM Card/Debit Card or Credit Card. The service is provided free of any charge and is made available to all potential customers of the bank. Customers if not yet a member can simply visit the official website of the bank and register to get assign a valid username and password for the login purpose.

To register, customers may just click the 'Registration' button and select the account - ATM/Debit Card or Credit Card. If to register with the ATM/Debit Card, customers will have to provide the 16-digit ATM/Debit Card number and ATM PIN at the space provided. If to register with the Credit Card, they will have to provide the credit card number, CVV2/CVC2 number, Credit Card expiry date and identification number at the given field. Upon doing the above procedure, customers can now choose their preferred Username and Password and click the 'I Agree' after accepting the terms and conditions provided therein. Upon receiving the confirmation email and got assigned with a login ID and password, customer will be ready to sign up and enjoy the ease and convenience of banking online. If having any questions or problems with login to RHB internet banking, customers in Malaysia can simply call the bank center hotline at 03-9206 8228. For more info, please log on to the official website of the bank.



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