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RHB Bank Loan

RHB Bank provides comprehensive financing solutions through its wide range loan products. If individuals are looking to financing solutions for purposes such as first time home buying, home renovation, business expansion, children's education, medical expenses or whatever the needs, RHB loan products can serve the purpose to suit all the needs and requirements at every stage. The bank offers full range home loans, commercial property financing, car financing, personal financing, ASB financing, share margin financing and automatic standby overdraft offering customers attractive package, competitive interest rates and flexible repayment options. Customers can freely pursue their dreams and can make them a reality by availing RHB loan products such as housing loan, car loan, study loan, renovation loan, business loan etc. RHB also offers flexible home refinancing program.

RHB Bank Loan Rate

RHB Home Loan products like My1 Home Loan is offered at lower interest rates and lower monthly installments allowing customers to save more and fulfill other aspirations that they have always wanted to do. This loan has one of the most attractive rates in the town.

The interest rate for car financing loan like hire purchase and personal refinancing is fixed and will remain unchanged throughout the tenure of the loan. With RHB personal loan, individuals can get rid of any financial problems and can pursue an ideal lifestyle. They can enjoy repayment period from 1 to 5 years and financing amount ranging from RM2,000 to RM150,000. The interest rates for personal loan at RHB are calculated on a monthly reducing balance rate. ASB financing provided by RHB Bank are offered to finance the purchase of ASB units. Beneficiaries of this loan can enjoy high margin financing with low interest rates and flexible loan terms.

RHB Bank Loan Application

Application for RHB Bank loan products is very simple and hassle-free, and at the same time applicants can get fast approval from the dedicated loan department of the bank. To apply, customers can simply log on to the bank's official website, click the APPLY NOW button and tick the relevant loan products and services that one is applying for. They will also have to fill the necessary personal details that are being asked to furnish which are nothing other than the applicant's name, contact number, email, state and the preferred branch. Upon completing this, applicants can simply click the 'Submit' button so to reach the bank customer service representative. On reaching the RHB customer service personnel, applicants will be contacted as soon as possible for further processing.

RHB Bank loan customers can enjoy a host of conveniences be it application, approval and repayment. They can use the convenient calculator tool to know their affordability of the offered loan package and for calculation of their monthly installment payment amount. Applicants also can enjoy the convenience of payment through various methods and channels provided by the bank. They can choose to pay through channels such as online, phone, ATMs and branch offices whichever best suits their conveniences.

For more information about RHB Bank loan products and services in Malaysia as well as in Singapore and to know other related details like easy and express loan and more, please log on to the official website of the bank.



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