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Oriental Bank of Commerce Home Loan

Oriental Bank of Commerce home loan is a unique loan product specially designed by the bank to help low income home buyers to finance their desired home or to carry out some remodeling or renovation work with existing house. OBC Bank offers several housing loan terms that can be availed for several purposes that include construction or purchase of residential house or flat. Any individual who has a stable source of income whether salaried, self employed, businessman or professionals can be eligible or the home loans offered by Oriental Bank of Commerce.

Oriental Bank of Commerce Home Loan Interest Rate

Home loans rates offered by the bank will differ depending on the amount and the repayment period of the loan term. The following table shows the present rate of interest for the available home loans.

  Oriental Home Loan Scheme


Loan amt. upto Rs.20 lac

Loan amt. above Rs. 20 lac and upto Rs.30 lac

Loan amt. above Rs.30 lac








Repayment upto 10 years


i.e. 9.00%



i.e. 9.25%



i.e. 10.00%


Repayment Above 10 years and upto 20 years

PLR- 2.75%

i.e. 9.25%



i.e. 9.50%



i.e. 10.25%

Not Proposed

Oriental Bank of Commerce Home Loan Amount

The amount of home loan that one can borrow will be determined by his/her income and repaying ability. The bank offers up to 40 times the gross monthly income to eligible businessman on condition that the total take home amount after all deductions is not less than 30% of the home value. For salaried individuals, the bank sanction up to 60 times the gross monthly income of the borrower. For all the loan terms, the property itself will serve as the security as it will be kept on mortgage.

On the other hand, Oriental Bank of Commerce offers free life insurance coverage for entire outstanding loan amount up to Rs. 20 lac for home loans up to Rs. 20 lac. The bank does not charge any processing fees for fresh loan up to Rs. 20 lac. OBC Bank housing loan comes with a maximum repayment period of 20 years or till the 70th years of the borrower. Oriental Bank also offers loan amount up to Rs. 10 lac or 30% of the market value of the house to make repairs, renovation or furnishing of the house. Any individual having a regular source of income is eligible to apply for this loan program.

Troubled customers can contact the following phone numbers for queries and complaints relating to home loan.

Help Line No- 1800-180-1235, 0124-2340940
For unresolved queries- 011-25718132

OBC Bank offers competitive rate home loans to low and moderate income home buyers in the country. Check the features of the home loan term from the website of the bank.


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