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National Australia Bank Loans

National Australia Bank loans are available in various types for both the personal (individual) and business customers. The NAB personal loans include the loans for buying new home or renovating your existing home. In addition, they also provide car and debt consolidation loans. On the other hand, the business loans include NAB business options loans such as installment, interest only and combination loan.

Besides, there are also certain types of student loan packages like NAB tertiary deferred repayment loan and NAB student loan.

National Australia Bank Home Loans

National Australia Bank home loans are offered for buying new home as well as for renovating or building your home. In fact, there are several types of NAB home loans and few of the notable home loans include the following.
  • NAB Base Variable Rate Home Loan
  • NAB Introductory Rate Home Loan
  • NAB Tailored Home Loan (Fixed and Variable rate)
  • NAB Home Equity Line of Credit
  • NAB Defence Force Home Loan
  • Rural Lifestyle Home Loan and many others.
The interest rates for NAB home loans are varied from one type to another. For instance, NAB offers interest rate of 6.58% per annum and 6.64% per annum respectively on the NAB introductory rate home loan for both 12 month variable and fixed rate. The detailed information for the NAB home loans rates can be found on the website of the bank.

If you are interested in National Australia Bank home loans, you can submit the online loan application through the bank's website. Alternatively, you can also visit the nearest branch or contact the bankers at 131312.

National Australia Bank Personal Loans

National Australia Bank personal loans are available for purchasing car or boat and for consolidating your debt. These loans are available in both fixed and variable interest rate option with the loan terms ranging from 1 to 7 years.

One can apply for the maximum loan of amount of 80,000 in Australian Dollars and minimum of AUD 5,000. The repayment can be made in three options i.e. monthly, fortnightly and weekly

National Australia Bank Loan Calculator

National Australia Bank loan calculators are the tools available on their website. These calculators include home repayment calculator, lump sump repayment, split loans, stamp duty and many others. With these tools, one may able to calculate the repayment amount, loan limit, total interest and the borrowing amount etc.

For further detailed information about the NAB loans for the pensioners and the NAB investment, you can visit the website of the bank or the nearest branch.



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