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KeyBank Swift Code

KeyBank Swift Code differs from one city to another. Swift code is generally used for the wire transfer purpose. The general swift code for the KeyBank is KEYBUS33. For specific swift code of the city, the swift code is interpreted after the general swift code the cities alphabets are attached. The KeyBank branches perform several functions like trust settlement, foreign exchange operations, investment management, commercial letters of credit as well as standby letters of credit. The followings are some swift code and their corresponding locations of the branches.

KeyBank National Association Swift Code or BIC Code City
  KEYBUS33ALB Albany, NY
  KEYBUS33ANK Anchorage, AK
  KEYBUS33ANN Annabor, MI
  KEYBUS33BUR Burlington, VT
Trust Settlement Branch KEYBUS33CUS Cleveland, OH
  KEYBUS33DEN Denver, CO
Foreign Exchange Operations KEYBUS33FEX Cleveland, OH
KEYBUS33IND Indianapolis, IN
Investment Management KEYBUS33INV Cleveland, OH
Commercial Letters of Credit/Collections DPT KEYBUS33LCC Cleveland, OH
  KEYBUS33MAI Portland, ME
  KEYBUS33POR Portland, OR
  KEYBUS33SEA Seattle, WA
Standby Letters of Credit DPT KEYBUS33SLC Cleveland, OH
  KEYBUS33UTA Salt Lake City, UT
  KEYBUS33XXX Cleveland, OH

The full form of Swift is Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication. It is advisable to get the general swift code. Swift code is used primarily to identify the banks. Getting information on swift code becomes necessary when you are aiming to transmit payment messages internationally. Banker's Identification Code (BIC) was made in order to identify the financial institution. Bank Swift Code is important when you need to receive or send money to someone overseas. Every bank has its own codes so it becomes necessary to know about the KeyBank Swift Code. This code will enable to fasten the transactions of money transfers as the bank will identify to which bank is to be made payments and from which bank to receive.


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