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KeyBank Mortgage Rates

KeyBank Mortgage Rates keeps on changing from time to time depending upon the several factors. Factors like loan amount, type, market condition, repayment term and various other factors contribute in affecting the mortgage rates. As the interest rates change very frequently so it becomes necessary to refinance your mortgage plan. The borrowers who are looking for lower initial rates it is advisable for them to choose adjustable rate mortgage plan.

KeyBank Mortgage Rates are offered based on the loan type, down payment as well as based on the location. The mortgage rates are charged on the loans for making purchases and refinances. The chart below highlights the prevailing mortgage rates offered on the various loan terms by the KeyBank.

Loan Terms Interest Rate Points APR
30 Year Fixed Rate 5.000% 0.000% 5.135%
15 Year Fixed Rate 4.375% 0.000% 4.596%
5/1 ARM Mortgage Rate 4.250% 0.375% 3.653%
30 Year Fixed FHA Loan 5.125% 0.000% 5.262%
30 Year Jumbo Loan 7.375% 0.000% 7.513%

The above table indicates the loan terms, interest rates, points and annual percentage rates based on the mortgage loan terms. In order to know the current rates charged on the mortgages you can contact the mortgage advisors today. The mortgage rates may change anytime without any prior notice made to the customers. To get the recent, latest or current mortgage rates of KeyBank, a mortgage representative can be contacted and for that the number is 1-800-422-2442. KeyBank Mortgage rates differ based on the location wise as well as on the basis of changing the loan payments rates. Those who are looking for low time initial interest rates then they should get registered for their mortgage loans. The KeyBank offers home mortgage loans based on the mortgage rates. You can choose for the fixed rate financing schemes if you want to choose the predictable monthly instalments scheme. For those borrowers who are on the look out for lower initial mortgage rates for them the adjustable rate mortgage shall suit you. You can get to know about the current mortgage rates by calling the mortgage advisors.



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