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KeyBank Debit Card

Apart from the credit cards and gift cards KeyBank offers Debit Card for its customers. If you encounter any query related to the KeyBank Debit Card you can contact the customer service. If you face unauthorized purchases made through your account then you should immediately report it to 800-KEY2YOU® (800-539-2968). They will help you to review the accounts and to verify the recent activity and they can also block the card to prevent you from the unauthorized transactions thereby renewing a new debit card. Debit cards are also known as bank card or check card that provides an alternative payment method to cash when you make purchases. You can instantly withdraw the cash and it acts as the ATM Card. You can earn rewards for your banking relationship.

If you have planned to replace a lost or stolen debit card then you should follow some smart steps such as review the transactions of your account in order to see someone else has not used your card. Just login to the online banking and look carefully your last transactions made. Take all your receipts as well as check register that can ensure them about your identity related to name, full address, account number, amount and date of last deposit.

If you come across in a situation when your debit card gets expire then they automatically mail you a new debit card and if you do not access your renewed card then you can contact at this number 800-539-2968. The validity of your debit card depends upon the expiry date of your card that is printed on the front of the card. If you claim for the unauthorized purchases made through your KeyBank debit card then you need to provide a written statement of the incident as well as you shall be asked to file a police report for the issue of your debit card being stolen.

To cancel your debit card program you need to un-enroll from the Debit Card program. To access the Debit Card facility fees are charged annually on every enrollment anniversary date. The PayPass offered by the KeyBank works similar to the regular debit Mastercard. The bank provides quick, convenient and secured Debit card option. It has been found out that all the MasterCards are issued by the KeyBank National Association. KeyBank also renders you the free ipod touch that gives points for the debit card rewards and you can also enroll for KeyBank Rewards point program. To earn points you must purchases using the debit card.



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