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KeyBank CD Rates

KeyBank CD Rates are highly based on the competitive market. A large number of investors look for the rates charged on the Certificate of Deposits. It is the safest mode where one can invest their money and enjoy the benefit. There is no risk of loss under this that's why it is a chosen area on which one gets higher rewards. The bank offers CD rates for its customers no matter where you live whether in New York (NY) or Ohio. It is the prime concern of the customers of the bank to find CD rates of the year 2010.

This bank allows you the time limit to invest your money based on the fixed interest rates. The CD rates can change any day without giving any prior notice to the customers of the bank. CD rates are offered based on year wise depending upon the limited time period only. KeyBank offers four interest rate tiers designed on the basis of balance. The KeyBank offers short term, long term, tiered and jumbo CD Rates. It is possible that the KeyBank CD interest rates in New York may not be the same in Ohio. The minimum balance required to open the KeyBank CDs is $2,500. KeyBank Tiered CDs are offered at the higher interest rates for high balance. Jumbo CDs can be made if you have the balance of $100,000 or greater amount.

If you want to open a CD account then you can visit the branch or you can make a call at this number 888-539-1234 and talk to the bank representatives. It is better if you choose for the longer term plan because it will yield you higher returns. To invest in the Certificate of Deposit is considered to be the best option as it offers guaranteed rate for the specific time period. The CD offers locked rate of interest so they are free from the burden of stress market. They know what they will get after the time period expires.


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