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IBC Bank Routing Number

IBC Bank Routing Number acts as an identification mark for a particular branch of the bank. A routing number is a nine digit code which is essential while making online transactions, fund transfers and various other transactions. Routing numbers of a bank can also be commonly referred to as routing transit number, banking routing number or RTNs. The bank has unique routing numbers for its different services and banking products. If you want to locate the routing number of the bank, it can be availed from the lower bottom of your checks. Generally the routing number is based on the place where you have your bank account. The routing number or ABA (American Banker's Association) number is used if you want to track the branches of the IBC bank when you are making online transactions and transfer. For Houston, Brownsville, McAllen, Texas and Oklahoma City the routing number differs unlike the some other banks.

The routing number of a bank is also used in the transmission of the electronic copies of the checks. Routing number denotes as to which financial institution is associated with a specific account. The bottom of your check includes the bank Routing Number and your checking account number. On the bottom of the check, you can find three numbers given. First one refers to ABA Check Routing Number, second number denotes Account Number and third one indicates Check Number. And just above this there is a mention of ACH Routing/Transit Number. The routing numbers of the bank depends on the transaction type you make. It is possible that few branches may use the same routing number between the branches for online transfer of funds. IBC Bank routing number can also be easily viewed as it is available on the official website of the bank. The List of IBC Bank Routing Number is provided below, you can refer them.

IBC Bank Routing Number Places / Areas
113000861 Texas (TX)
(713) 526-1211 Houston TX
114909505 Brownsville Texas
114911580 Brownsville Texas
114912275 San Antonio
114912709 San Antonio
114915081 San Antonio
114902528 Laredo TX
1030-1286-9 Oklahoma
3030-7279-3 Oklahoma
3031-7259-6 Oklahoma
3031-7270-3 Oklahoma



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