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DBS Online

Several types of online products and services are offered by DBS and these include ibanking, trading, foreign exchange and some additional services. The DBS internet banking allows the customers to perform varieties of banking activities such as online fund transfer from your DBS savings account to another and vice versa, telegraphic transfer (TT), viewing credit card account statement and transaction history, online bill payment and many more.

One can also view the prevailing and current rates of various products such as unit trusts, structured investment, foreign exchange, foreign currency current account and fixed deposits etc. The rates information of various products may be found on the following web address.

They also provide safe and secure online shopping facility through which you can shop with your credit cards at various reliable and trusted merchants. Besides, you can earn various rewards points through such online shopping and even for dining at a restaurant or hotels and many others. The earned points can be redeemed into various eligible gift vouchers, exclusive products and many others. The redemption process can be done through the website given below but you will be required to NRIC/FIN/Passport Number and Credit Card number.

DBS Online Trading

DBS online trading service is available through DBS Vickers online and it offers various investment products such as fixed income, mutual funds, unit trusts, and structured warrants and IPO etc. With DBSVO customers can access to real-time market information and DBS Vickers’ award-winning research.

If you are a resident of Singapore (SG) and Hong Kong (HK) as well as if you have the interest in online trading services, you can open the online trading account through the following link.

DBS Online Login

DBS online login provides the access to various online services such as ibanking and Vickers etc. For instance, if you want to transfer fund from your DBS savings account to another or other bank account, you can use the ibanking service by logging in with your user ID and PIN. On the hand, one can also trade online with the DBS Vickers but the investors need to login with a valid user ID and password.

If you have any login problem or forgot the password, you can refer the “Forget your user ID and PIN” link available on the login page or Vickers users can contact the customer services at the following phone numbers.

Investment Service Centres for DBS Vickers
Hong Kong: (852) 2902 3888
Singapore: (65) 6327 2288

For latest and updated information about the DBS online products and services, you can review the news available on their website.



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