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DBS Ibanking

DBS ibanking or internet banking is a 24 hours online banking service which can be accessed from anyplace in the world whether in Singapore (SG) or Malaysia (MY). This service is available with free of charges but the bank may charge some kind of fees to other services.

With this ibanking, one can access several types of banking services such as opening new account, investment, cheque status inquiry, , credit card account details, online bill payment, remittance and telegraphic transfer etc. Besides, DBS internet banking service also offers various privileges and promotions. These services are offered to both the personal and business customers as well as it can be accessed from your mobile phone or other modern smart phones like Blackberry or Android provided that the users must have installed the suitable app or software. You can download the suitable app from the itunes store or others.

Precisely, you can transfer the funds from your account to a DBS or POSB account or other bank account and the transaction code, details and history will be logged into your account information. They also provide the facility to set third party transfer limit etc. This information can also be accessed later on at your own convenient time. You can also watch the DBS ibanking demo video for more clarification and understanding about the service.

DBS Ibanking Login

DBS Ibanking login provides access to the internet banking service and it uses 2FA security system which one needs to login with the DBS iB secured device and token besides the user ID and password. Moreover, the One Time Password which is sends by the bank via SMS into your mobile phone during the time of fund transfer

In order to login, the customers need to provide the valid user ID and PIN. If you don’t have the user ID and PIN, you can register through the website of the bank. The registration process is very simple and easy, all you have to do is fill up the online application form with your personal information and others as demanded by the bank. If you wish to register now, you can visit the registration page through the following link.

If you have any problems such as DBS iB Secured device replacement you can contact the customer service a the following hotline numbers.

Customer Service Helpline
Phone Number: 1800-111-1111
65-6327 2265 (overseas)

You can refer the FAQ section for more information about the change PIN, technical support for slow response, requirement for Windows Vista and others.

For further information about the DBS internet banking or ibanking, you can log on to the website of the bank



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