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Capital One Savings

Capital One is one of the nation's largest deposit institutions holding more than $100 billion customer deposits and serving more than 50 million customer accounts. The bank offers one of the best rates in the nation and provides customers a range of savings accounts. Through the account promotion code, the bank offers customers, promising a great return not only in interest rate but also ensuring quarterly bonus on the interest earned to the qualifying accounts. Account holders can login to online banking right away to access the account and make transfer electronically. Savings accounts managed through online doesn't mean less human, rather the banking representatives are always available online or they are just a phone call away at all time. Account holders can see the highly rated review of the customers for Capital One Savings account as well as its exceptional services and make comparison with their counterparts. The easy-to-use savings calculator drives customer to know the way one need to do in order to reach their savings goals.

Capital One Savings Account

Savings Accounts provided by Capital One offer one of the best rates among top national banks in the country. Plus the bank also ensures earning of 10% bonus on qualifying accounts which have at least $10,000 in savings account each month or use the Capital One credit card at least once a month. There is no service or transaction fee to open an account at Capital One. No minimum balance is required for earning interest and one can open a savings account with as little as $1 either through online or by phone. Every customer making deposit at Capital One is insured at FDIC and provided insurance upto $250,000 per depositor. Customers may login to the bank website and find the account promotion code 2010 and check if it still works and apply for one. The offer code appears like SAVER50DF or SAVER25DF and customers have to use this account promo code to open an account in order to get $50 or $25 bonus. Costco customers can also check the various programs specifically designed for its members.

Capital One Account Rates

Account holders of Capital One can enjoy the competitive interest rates that promise great returns and other great savings rewards to all those making deposit. A glimpse at the following available savings accounts provided by Capital One will let you decide which account yields the maximum benefits for your investment.
InterestPlus Online Savings Account:1.35% APY
High Yield Money Market Account:1.10% APY
Rewards Money Market Account:1.01% APY
Interest Online Checking Account:1.10% APY
Rewards Online Checking Account:Miles
Certificates of Deposit:1.75% APY
Business Money Market Account:1.05% APY
All the Savings Accounts offer great rates plus they are backed by FDIC insurance. Account holders can easily access the money with free online transfer from any existing external bank accounts, free checks and ATM card. The Rewards Money Market Account allows earning rewards for saving. Customers may, by entering their home zip code, check if Interest Online Checking Account and Rewards Online Checking Account are available in their area. The Routing Number of Capital One is given at the bottom left corner of the account check. It is the first 9-digit number and customers may note that routing number differs with the bank branch.

For more information on Capital One Savings, savings bond and to know in detail about the Capital One Savings Account linkage with Skipton Building Society, log on to the official website of Capital One. To open an account by phone at Capital One you may call at 1-866-871-7932.



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