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Capital One Loans

Capital One provides loans and loan servicing for both new and used vehicles and also for refinancing auto loan programs. For new vehicles loan to value (LTV) is based on the vehicle's invoice price whereas for used vehicles LTV is based on the Kelley Blue Book wholesale value or NADA trade-in value. The bank also provides personal unsecured loans to the individuals and businesses to help meet their different needs. Personal loans can be used for any purpose and can be availed whenever a need is arisen. The bank features flexible and affordable loan plans, which are designed specifically keeping in mind the needs of people from different walks of life. The No Hassle Personal Loans facilitate consolidation of debt, making home improvements, initiating a home business and planning for a wedding program. These also help you finance for higher education and fulfill many other obligations. Whatever plans or goals one chooses to do, he/she can avail the Capital One flexible loan amounts and payment plans with fixed rate guarantee. There is no any prepayment penalty for the loan advance payment. Beneficiaries can make loan payment automatically and get discount on using automatic payment system. Capital One has the capacity to overcome the bad credit situation of the customers and the bank provides auto finance and loan even after bankruptcy and repossession. The bank provides trial period to the applicant for loan modification programs.

Capital One Personal Loans

The bank provides No Hassle Personal Loans to the customers helping them to meet the day-to-day requirements. Personal loans enable one to consolidate their debt and help settling of the financial matters. Student loans give another opportunity to the students to help finance themselves for their further learning or earning higher degrees. It helps financing for making necessary home improvements. Small business loans can enhance the growth and expansion of the business undertakings. Currently Capital One Personal Loan offers are available by invitation only. Customers can apply for a personal loan online without any application charges. On approval of the application, one can enjoy free online payments 24/7, online access to account balances, and free automatic payment facility. The Unsecured Loans are made available with flexible and affordable terms ranging from 12 to 84 months. Moreover, you can get money transferred quickly in a lump sum amount. The bank offers 0.25% APR discount for using automatic payments from Capital One Checking or savings account. For help in finding the right loan suiting your requirements you may call 1-800-664-0960.

Capital One Loan Calculator

Capital One provides an effective tool known as auto calculators to guide you through the entire process of buying and making auto finance decisions. It facilitates calculating monthly car payment or auto loan amount. One will clearly know how much he can afford, which is a guide to help him take a firm decision. Personal loans calculator also provide useful tool to help one know the monthly personal loan payment and the interest rate of the loan amount. This calculator helps you make many important decisions before you can set out to apply for a loan or buy a vehicle.

Capital One Loan Rates

The bank provides competitive auto loan rates for new cars, used cars and auto refinancing. It offers loans for new vehicles and used ones and refinancing loans with rate as low as 3.50% APR, 5.09% APR and 4.84% APR respectively. Applicants can enjoy the lock in auto loan rates for 45 days. Personal loans ensure fixed rate guarantee with flexible payment plans.

Customers can comfortably access the auto loan account and manage the account online. One can login to make the payment or even pay off the loan amount. Application status of the loan can be viewed online. Just login your loan account to do this. Capital One also offers personal loans to help meet the IVF needs. The customer service representatives can help you in every situation. For loan payoff or to make loan payment by check over the phone customers may contact the collections department at 1-800-655-BANK (2265).

For detailed information on Capital One Auto Loans and Personal Loans, and to know the products offered in the UK or the signature loans, motorcycle loans offered by the Capital One please visit the official website of the bank. Customers may also contact the following phone numbers to get more info on loan payment address in the US and in Canada.

Customer Service:  1-800-655-BANK (2265)
Auto Loans Customer Service:  1-800-946-0332
For phone payment:  1-800-572-3772
Contact the Capital One Canada in the following numbers:

Customer Relations:  1-800-481-3239, 1-804-747-7200
Personal Loan Customer Relations:  1-800-201-2843

Website: http://


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