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Barclays Indices

Barclays Capital Indices is a platform which offers various benchmarks and index products to the global investors. These products include investment, alpha and beta market analysis, portfolio and performance measurement, index tracking funds and asset allocation as well as the structure products. One can track the performance of investment through the online Barclays Capital Indices tracker tools. On the other hand, they also employ certain methodology to measure various market indices.

They also provide fixed income and other credit derivative indices through the IBOXX. These indices include cash bond markets in various currencies such as Sterling, Euro and US Dollars

If you have any query about the indices, you can reach them by phone or email at the following details.

Tel: +44-207-773-3744

New York
Tel: 212-526-7400

Tel: +81-3-4530-1760
Tel: +65-6308-2225

Barclays Aggregate Bond Index

Barclays aggregate bond index which also formerly know as “Lehman Aggregate Bond Index” is made available to the clients through the Barclays Capital Indices which also include fixed income, ETF, high yield, emerging markets, inflation linked bond, hedge fund, municipal, floating rate, government and many others. In US and Canada, Barclays provides the following aggregate bond indices.
  • U.S. Aggregate Float Adjusted
  • U.S. Treasury TIPS
  • Intermediate U.S. Government Credit
  • U.S. Corporate High Yield
  • Municipal Bond
  • U.S. Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) and many others.
These indices offer YTD rate of 0.28% to 14.10% with un-hedged return type. The detailed information regarding the duration, interest rates, currency and others can be obtained from the link given below.

Apart from the indices mentioned above, they also provide global aggregate bond indices with the YTD ranging from 3.36% to 3.85% which include the following.
  • Global Aggregate
  • Corporate
  • Float Adjusted
  • GDP Weighted
  • Treasury GDP Weighted
  • Multiverse
The fact sheet and guides showing the historical annual returns, prices, graph and other data as well as the chart of various components, compositions of the index products are also available on their website.

For further information on Barclays indices definitions, Monthly and Total Index Return, tickers and symbol, linked bond 2020, holdings and others, you can refer the website given below or other sources.



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