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Bank of Scotland Personal Loans

Bank of Scotland stands right beside you to assist in all that you need to meet your daily requirements. Whether you have a plan to make some home improvements, drive a new car, plan a wedding program or need to consolidate debts, Bank of Scotland personal loans can help you deal all those urgent needs that come around you. The bank provides flexible loans to help you meet your needs with affordable repayments. The bank offers two types of loans- Unsecured Personal Loans and Further Advance loan for the various needs of the customers.

Bank of Scotland Unsecured Personal Loans

The bank offers unsecured personal loans in two ranges giving customers the privilege to apply according to their needs and their budget. Given below are the two options offered by the bank with differing in amounts and with their benefits. You can apply choosing anyone that suits your budget and your requirements.
  • Personal Loans from £7,000 to £15,000: Existing customers can borrow amount ranging from £7,000 to £15,000 to meet their needs. This term offers repayment terms from 1 to 7 years with affordable monthly payments. Bank of Scotland also charges no monthly repayments for the first 3 months and no arrangement fee at all. One can get money transferred into his account within 24 hours. The bank provides online application and ensures security. The interest rate is 11.5% APR and it varies from 10.5% APR to 17.0% APR depending on personal circumstances.
  • Personal Loans from £1,000 to £25,000: Existing customers seeking bigger loans can also borrow any amount from £1,000 to £25,000. The repayment terms is available from 1 to 7 years with affordable monthly repayments, no monthly repayment for the first 3 months, no arrangement fee and provide secure application process and instant online decision. Money will get transferred into your bank account within 24 hours. The Calculator provided by the bank can help you apply for the suitable loan that suits your budget.

Bank of Scotland Personal Loans Telephone Number

Bank of Scotland provides several telephone numbers for the customers to get assistance related to several products and services. The bank provides contact numbers with regards to the needs of the customers like new application for a loan, early settlement or additional borrowing, monthly payments and change of details etc. One may get in touch with the bank for various queries related to personal loans through the telephone numbers provided by the bank.

Customers applying for a new loan may call the bank customer service representative number- 0845 600 4611 to get some help. For related information such as requesting Settlement Figures, Additional Borrowing, Monthly Repayment and Loan Term as well as for change of account to make monthly Direct Debit one may call the following helpline numbers:

Customers with agreements beginning with "15"  08457 44 44 55
Customers with agreements beginning with "7/"  08457 24 34 44

In case if you struggle in repaying the loan and don't have any repayment protection insurance, just call 08708 50 13 16 to get some assistance. For those customers having loan insurance but still struggling to pay the loan may also call at 0845 606 1654. To know in details for exclusion and limited repayment periods for certain purposes of loan call 08458 50 37 08. One can also get information about alternative products available using textphone on 0800 096 0374.

Bank of Scotland Personal Loans Address

Bank of Scotland also provides detail address for the customers availing personal loans offered by the bank. Individuals having any problem or query to make like requesting settlement figures, additional borrowing, monthly repayment or change of details may also post their query to the following address:

Customers existing loan agreement beginning with "15" may write to-
Halifax Bank of Scotland,
Charterhall Drive,
Chester CH88 3AN

Customers existing loan agreement beginning with "7/" can write to-
Halifax Settlement Department,
PO BoS 548, Lovell Park, Leeds, LS1 1WU

There are many more facilities provided to the existing Bank of Scotland customers. To know more in details you can log in to the official website of the bank.



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