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Bank of Scotland Online

Bank of Scotland provides a wide range of banking services to cater the demands and needs of the customers. It provides services through online on all banking purposes and facilitates the convenience of carrying out all activities sitting at home. It also ensures quick and safety measures in all the transactions. One can carry out all the banking needs at its own convenience wherever there is a computer with Internet connectivity. Users can register for the online services by adding their bank account, credit card, savings account or ISA and create their own page called "My accounts' page" and manage all their accounts online.

Bank of Scotland Online Banking

Through online banking one can save time and go for more important activities. It also saves money as all the banking needs are carried out sitting at home and free of charge. Bank of Scotland provides all such necessary tools and services just to make customers enjoy more convenience with banking activities. The online banking services allows managing bank account, credit card, savings account, ISA Plan and help in tracking individual finance. Online banking benefits provided by the Bank of Scotland serve the following purposes:
  • view current and available balances
  • view recent transactions
  • pay bills
  • transfer money to external accounts and between banking and savings accounts
  • transfer money overseas
  • view or cancel any Direct Debits
  • pay monthly credit statement online
  • transfer balances from other credit or store cards
  • view value of investment (ISA Plan)
  • top up with the lump sum payment
There are many more other than the above mentioned services and to help keep track of finances one can also view the balance of any Bank of Scotland unsecured personal loan, buy and sell shares with the bank Share dealing Service and view the mortgage details. To avail online banking at Bank of Scotland you only need to get registered with the details of account like Roll number or account number and sort code, Eligible credit card number or Share Dealing PRN and PIN that you hold with the bank. Existing customer can call 0845 300 0268 and new customer at 0845 606 0286 for online banking inquiries.

Bank of Scotland Online Login

Bank of Scotland provides online services for all banking activities. Customers can login to their account and carry out all the online activities after registering from the Online Banking. Existing users only need to sign in with the Username and the password provided. The bank introduced a new two page sign in system for better security. In the first page one need to enter Username and the password and in the second page some security details. After completing these simple steps you are ready to bank online. If you face some difficulties while making online login at the bank website, call 08456 02 00 00 for details.

Bank of Scotland Online Credit Card

Through online services provided by Bank of Scotland, carrying out online purchase and handling of credit card becomes very easy and beneficial. One can view current balance and transactions, pay monthly credit card bills, request a new credit card limit, transfer balance from other credit or store, view credit card statement automatically each month by Direct Debit, request a PIN reminder etc. To obtain online credit card related information one may call for assistance at 0845 602 0000, 24/7.

The detail information and services offered through online by the bank like online banking, corporate online, jobs, insurance and many more can be known by logging in to the website of the bank. For online banking purposes one may contact the helpdesk numbers:

0845 604 4267
+44 0131 339 8620 (Overseas Callers)

Website: http://


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