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Bank of Scotland Loans

Bank of Scotland can change lifestyle through various products and services and exciting programs. The bank offers loans to the existing customers for almost any purposes that they wish to carry out. It offers two types of loans- Unsecured Personal Loan and Further Advance Loans. Existing bank of Scotland customers can use both types of loans for any purpose, whether to replace a car, consolidate finances, or make necessary home improvements. Unsecured Personal Loan is available to the existing bank of Scotland customers only. Advance loans are available only to existing Halifax mortgage customers and one can borrow amount up to 80% of the value in their home. The repayment term depends on the mortgage term and the bank charges £99 fee for arrangement and there is security against the property.

Bank of Scotland Personal Loans

Personal loans offered by the Bank of Scotland can help you to deal with the change of situations when it comes around. Whether one needs to consolidate debts or need some home improvements or to buy a new car, Bank of Scotland has the finance. The bank can help you pay for the things that you need with flexible and affordable loans. Existing Bank of Scotland customers can borrow £7,000 to £15,000 with 15.5% APR for online personal loans (rates vary from 10.5% to 17.0% APR depending on the personal circumstances).

The bank offers repayment terms from one to seven years and affordable monthly payments with no monthly repayment for the first 3 months and no arrangement fee. Applicants can receive money within 24 hours. The bank also offers loan ranging from £1,000 to £25,000 with the same terms and conditions.

Bank of Scotland Existing Loan Customers

Existing Bank of Scotland customers can borrow more money at any point of time. One can replace the current loan agreement with the new one or take additional funds or enter into a second agreement. He/she can borrow any amount ranging from £1,000 to £25,000 and the terms are available from one to seven years. One can have the money transferred directly to the Bank of Scotland current account within 24 hours.

Bank of Scotland Loan Online

For individuals who wish to make their life more comfortable or tidy up their finances Bank of Scotland could be the right choice. Existing Bank of Scotland customers can apply for loans for their different purposes after fulfilling certain preconditions of the bank. Customers can also apply through online login to the bank's website and choosing the right loan options and click Apply Online button. Alternatively one can also call 0845 600 4611 by quoting reference BOSINT.

Bank of Scotland Loan Calculator

Bank of Scotland provides Loan calculator to let customers apply for loans with alternative terms and amounts that suit their needs. This calculator can help to find out how much one can afford to borrow and how much the monthly payments will be. Using loan calculator is very simple. To get an instant Bank of Scotland Personal Loan quote, just enter the loan amount that you need from £7,000 to £15,000 in the space provided on the right side and select the term that you require. The loan calculator will display the repayment terms, total amount repayable and APR that suits your application.

Existing bank of Scotland customers who wish to apply for loans provided by the bank may get more detail information on additional borrowing, early settlement, and monthly payments by visiting the bank official website. If faced with any financial problems one may also talk to the Bank of Scotland Money Management Team by dialing 08456 03 90 30.

Important contact numbers:
Customers wanting to apply for new loan
- 0845 600 4611
Customers with agreements beginning with "84" or "15"
-08457 44 44 55
Customers with agreement beginning with "7/"
-08457 24 34 44
Website: http://


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