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Bank of Scotland Business

Bank of Scotland offers a wide range of products and services designed for the needs of businesses which has turnover of up to £15 million. From starting of a business planning through out the life cycle of the business, Bank of Scotland can make it reality in all aspects of a business activity. The bank offers a range of savings accounts to meet the needs of several businesses. Moreover, to meet the unexpected or to enhance day-to-day cash flow or expand the business, the bank offers flexible finance solutions. The Automated Payment Services provided by the bank enable quick and easy collecting or making payments thereby allowing the customers to save cost and time. The Invoice Financing solution facilitates control and allows an individual to fund for the growth of his business. Bank of Scotland banking products and services extent all possible assistance for the growth and expansion of the businesses.

Bank of Scotland Business Banking

Bank of Scotland acts as a wheel from the initial stage through out the growth process of the businesses. The bank extend great support through dedicated team of relationship manager offering wide range of support services to make the initial stage in business easy and hassle free from all activities.
The bank offers 18 months free day-to-day banking, Free Sage Planning for Business software to support and guide the business, Free 90 day trial and Exclusive offer of Sage Start-up accounting software to manage the business account. For the first 18 months the bank charge nothing for withdrawing or depositing cash, issuing or paying in cheques, using direct debits or standing orders.

Individuals who wish to access Free Sage Planning for Business copy can reach the Relationship manager team by dialing 08453 001 956. From moving the accounts to the Bank of Scotland and for all the private banking purposes the bank assigned dedicated relationship manager to take care of everything to support, guide, protect and help in growing the business. The bank extends all possible assistance in business banking activities leaving individuals to focus on more important activities. To apply for Business Banking at bank of Scotland, one may call 0845 606 0286.

Bank of Scotland Business Online

Business Internet Banking and Corporate Online are the two online facilities provided by the Bank of Scotland for the businesses. It is available 24/7 with no monthly charges and is also secure from any fraudulent activities that could hamper the individual's privacy. It puts you in control of the banking activities and one can access whenever and wherever he wants. Through online banking one can carry out business banking more efficiently. Business Internet Banking service offered by the bank allows managing all transactions online and access real time balances at all times. Whereas Corporate Online is designed specially for businesses that handle more complex banking needs like multiple account banking and international transactions. For more information and queries or problems regarding business internet banking purposes one can contact the helpdesk of the bank

0845 604 4267 (Internet Banking Helpdesk)
+44 0131 339 8620 (for overseas callers).

Bank of Scotland Business Loans

Whether to enhance day-to-day cash flow, to expand the business or longer term borrowing, Bank of Scotland provide a range of finance solutions for businesses. The bank provides Business Loans and overdrafts to suit the needs of your business. Business Overdraft helps ensure easy availability of funds whenever needed and one can borrow from £1,000 and the interest is charge only on the funds used. Business Loans are provided for the expansion or to take the business to the next level and to achieve targeted goals. The bank also provides various finance solutions like invoice financing programs to help businesses to grow.

More detail information relating to Bank of Scotland Business like bank accounts, loans and finance, services, and plan can be viewed by logging in to the bank official website or may call the following numbers:

Existing Customers - 0845 300 0268
New customers - 0845 606 0286

Website: http://


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