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Bank of Scotland Accounts

We constantly need to cope up with the changes that come around us and this prompt us to do something new or change the way we are. We earn money and so we need to have a place to keep our money. We want our life to go ahead with growth and prosperity in terms of work and finance. At bank of Scotland, with its wide range of accounts, one can fulfill whatever life requires and demands. The bank provides a place where you can get support to begin a new business, save the money that you have earned and most of all, get exciting benefits for being the valued customers. Having a Bank of Scotland account can make a big difference in one's life.

Bank of Scotland Account Number

Bank of Scotland facilitates International Bank Account Numbers (IBANs) and Bank Identifier Code (BIC), which are used to represent bank account numbers and help identify financial institutions while carrying out automated processing of payments. The use of IBAN and BIC reduces the chance of payment errors and delays when making or receiving payments within Europe. The customers of Bank of Scotland can find their IBAN and BIC on the top right hand corner of their sterling and currency account statements. To know more or for any query one can contact the IBAN Helpdesk contact details listed below:

TEL: 0870 850 0871 (select option 2)
Line open, Monday - Friday 8.30am - 5.15pm
FAX: 0141 228 4137

Bank of Scotland Account Types

Bank of Scotland offers different type of accounts for the different needs of the potential customers. The bank offers Current accounts for personal banking, Savings accounts for varied purposes and benefits of the customers, and Business accounts to support and guide the business banking activities. Given below are the types of Current Accounts offered by the Bank of Scotland for different needs of the customers with car breakdown, travel and mobile phone insurance:

Bank of Scotland Ultimate Reward Current Account

Ultimate Reward Current Account delivers a great range of benefits with just £12.50 a month. Top benefits include Plus £5 reward payment each month for £1,000 you pay, multi-trip family travel insurance, AA breakdown cover, mobile phone insurance, etc. The bank also offers no fee benefit for the first £3, 00 of any arranged overdraft.

Bank of Scotland Reward Current Account

Reward Current Account charges no monthly fee and the bank give reward payment of £5 each month you pay £1,000, plus simple overdraft fee in day to day basis, visa debit card and 24 hour online and phone banking facilities.

Bank of Scotland Current Account

This current account is ideal for day-to-day banking offering a visa debit card, 24 hour online and telephone banking services and overdraft facility with daily fees that are easy to maintain and understand.

Bank of Scotland Student Current Account

Student current account offers interest-free overdraft of up to £3,000 with 0% EAR for a student and for one year after graduation. It gives a secure place to pay for student loan, grant cheque or other regular credits and offer a visa debit card.

The bank also offers other current accounts like Easycash, Cardcash and Expresscash with no monthly fee and funding requirement, visa electron card and 24 hour online and telephone banking services.

The bank also offers savings account for every type individuals. Savings account like Web Saver Extra offers 2.60% interest rate with minimum opening balance of £1 and can withdraw unlimited times. ISA Direct Reward offer 2.60% interest rate and opening balance of £1,000. Variable rate Web Saver account highlights 0.20% interest rate with balance of £1. Further, Guaranteed Saver Reward and Children's Regular Saver has 1.50% and 6.00% interest rate and £1 and £10 - £100 opening balance respectively. Individuals can apply all the above mentioned savings account online and get benefited.

For further information and details of the Bank of Scotland Accounts and its benefits you may visit the official website of the bank.



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