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Bank of Oklahoma Number

This article is intend to provide information on various Bank of Oklahoma numbers which include account number, routing or ABA number, phone number for various products and services.

If you are confused in identifying the account number, you can refer the checks, kits and other related documents provided by the bank. On checks, you can find the account number just right to the routing or ABA number. The routing or ABA number is a nine digits number and it is generally located on the left bottom corner of your BOK checks. However, the routing number of Bank of Oklahoma is 103900036 and you can also confirm this number from the checks or any other documents.

Bank of Oklahoma Phone Number

Bank of Oklahoma offers various types of consumer and consumer banking products and services. For each products and services which are offering there are various phone numbers through which the customers can complaint, inquire or other etc. Therefore, one has required to contact at the given phone number of the concerned department in order to inquire about the products and services. On the other hand, the personal and business clients can also contact the customer service or the 24 hours ExpressBank service for any assistance or general help on online banking, loans or any others. The following is the list of phone numbers for various products and services.

24/7 ExpressBank
Phone number: (918) 588-6010 (Tulsa Area)
(405) 272-2548 (Oklahoma City Area)
1-800-234-6181 (Outside Tulsa and OKC)

Retirement: 1-800-686-9457 (Automated Voice) or

Mortgage Customer Service
New Loans and Refinance: (918) 488-7140 (Tulsa Area)
(405) 879-8700 (OKC Area)
(800) 947-7061 (Toll-Free)
Inquiries on old mortgage: (800) 947-7061 (Toll-Free)
Mortgage Pay: (800) 974-7400 (Toll-Free)

Bank of Oklahoma Commercial Banking

Corporate Banking: 918-595-3143 or 405-272-2421
Healthcare: (918) 595-3143
Real Estate: 918-499-8470 (Tulsa)
405-936-3963 (OKC)
Residential construction: 918-488-7063 (Tulsa)
405-936-3963 (OKC)
Equipment Leasing: (214) 987-8864 or (214) 987-8818
Retirement Plan: 1-800-285-9559 (for Sponsor)

Bank of Oklahoma Wealth Management

Private Banking: 918-293-7582 (Tulsa Area)
405-936-3991 (OKC)
Trust Services: 918-293-7572
Investment: 918-293-7572

For further detailed information about the Bank of Oklahoma phone numbers and contact details, you can refer the FAQs and “Contact Us” page which is available on their website.



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